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Powers/Skills We must never forget what the Federation has done to our people! Gihren learned that Degwin, tired of the war, decided to take his personal fleet to a designated area in space where he would meet the fleet of Earth Federation representative General Revil and discuss peace negotiations. SIEG ZEON!!! Nella Germania nazista la frase in questione era una delle formule utilizzate dal regime: quando si incontrava qualcuno era consuetudine salutare con le parole "Heil Hitler", mentre Sieg Heil era … A fanfiction project is currently in the making. By this logic, the assorted super weapons such as the MA-08 Big Zam and Apsalus Project Mobile Armors can be seen as analogies of the V1 and V2 rocket bombs used by the Third Reich. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HistoricalWorldPowers community, Continue browsing in r/HistoricalWorldPowers. Starting off in UC 0078, it's set up as an account on the events leading up to and during the One Year War through the eyes of Valeria Caine, a lieutenant from the Principality of Zeon serving in the 7th Unit, aka the "Dusk Wraiths." Had it not been for them, Zeon would have most likely won. It is a new beginning. Desil Galette | Moral Event Horizon Fortunately, and unlike in canon, he not only survives but goes on to lead an assault on the White Base. This cannibalistic war was caused by Federation weakness. The Hildolfr mobile tank and Jormungand cannon from, As a result of the United Maintenance Plan being approved. Kudal Cadel | Gihren even adopted the Nazi salute for himself ("Sieg Heil", meaning "Hail [to] victory", became "Sieg Zeon", meaning "Victory [to] Zeon"). (literally translated as "Victorious Zeon"). Population grew unchecked, devouring resources heedlessly. LeadershipIntelligenceCharismaManipulationMilitary Strategy EVENT. We need action now. As a teacher in the Flanagan Institute after the OYW. Previous: View Gallery Random Image: Who's to blame? Like Hitler, he also greatly overestimated the capability of his forces. SIEG ZEON!!! Zeon stood up and went to the balcony, he saw his subjects and the citizens that went about their day, he felt an immense sense of pride for his citizens and he quickly turned away feeling tears coming on. He is responsible for masterminding Operation: British, which saw Zeon exterminating the population of Side 2 and subsequently dropping the colony on Sydney, Australia (it was intended to land on the Earth Federation headquarters in Jaburo, but veered off course). As a result, she takes over during Battle of A Baoa Qu. After Side 2's population was wiped out, he dropped the hollow shell of Side 2 on Earth in an attempt to destroy the Earth Federation's Jaburo military headquarters, resulting in the destruction of Sydney, Australia and the deaths of 1/3 of the Earth's population. In the Sieg Zeon version of events though, it's left open if at least some of those details are little more than rumors or hearsay. I suspect even now, orders are being shouted at guards, and men with swords will soon be on their way to declare themselves Grand Moff. Rise, our people, Rise! Jasley Donomikals. Victory is the greatest tribute we can pay those who sacrifice their lives for us! We must teach those slow-witted people of the Earth Federation a lesson they will always remember. Gihren Zabi (ギレン・ザビ, Giren Zabi?, also spelled Giren) is a fictional character, and antagonist from the universe of the Gundam anime series. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. With the death of Degwin's favorite son Garma Zabi in battle, Degwin withdraws from day to day duties as Zeon's leader which effectively made Gihren the leader of Zeon. Used the Solar Ray to obliterate the fleets of both his father Degwin Zabi and General Revil when Degwin left to negotiate a peace treaty with the Earth Federation. Garma's survival and him succeeding in capturing the White Base. Gihren Zabi SIEG ZEON! There is no other way for mankind to last forever, except by living under the direct control of "we", "the chosen, superior race of Zeon".

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