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When compared to another option, Valkyrie, Parvati is easier for F2P and has a slightly stronger burst for the Final Wave. Skadi’s Noble Phantasm gain rate is admittedly decent thanks to her high hit-count cards. NOTE: 3rd Anniversary Will have 1/2 AP Daily Quests so you can farm Monuments and Gems during those times. It's also a great answer to break bars and multiple servant fights. Ice, snow, and cold all bow down to the ever loving goddess of Scandinavia, representing yet another aspect of Scathach in a different mythology. Decrease Critical Rate for all enemies (3 turns). You can activate his 1st Attack Up skill on the final wave to kill the boss. Unfortunately, truesight, pierce invuln, and multiple NPs in a single turn can all shut this down. But she wont do as much for her Lancer counterpart in terms of uplifting her command cards. Can you explain what the axes are? To begin with, it's been confirmed that her critical damage boost does stack. (Not that I'm saying she should, I'm more just wondering about it). It would be better if it lasted for a full turn, but oh well. This is probably the fastest in terms of farming speed, ease, and consistency. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. This Mystic Code will be used by most players who do not possess a Max Limit Broken Kaleidoscope CE and have only NP1 Servants. Servants that already have stellar Quick cards and critical star generation will see the most to gain from having Skadi on their team, though she supports any servant with a triple Q deck or Quick-based NP very well. (A QQQAB deck in there somewhere.). Isa 49:4. Use the NP Gain boost on Lancelot's First Turn to help get to 50% refund for Wave 2. Offensive and Defensive Boost to Team from Noble Phantasm. If you have an MLB Kscope you can use either Mage Association or Fragment of 2004 Mystic Code. Unlike most Servants, her. This section discusses the most optimal and forgiving servants for 3-turn Skadi Farming. This MC requires fairly minimal micromanagement in most cases, though you need to rely on Face Cards due to lack of damage steroids. With 50% Quick damage up and a 50% charge, she can afford Servants the opportunity to use certain Craft Essences like the Black Grail or Holy Night Supper to levy a boatload of damage against enemies. iirc this chart also assumed NP1, but someone with firsthand experience with the servants could confirm/deny. Of course, he also has 2 years to prepare in advance, so there's that as well. This also solves the problem Skadi teams have of needing to draw Quicks in order to use Skadi’s crit buff—you wait till you have two or three of your DPS servant’s Quicks, pop Formless moon, and enjoy three turns of boosted Quick crits. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. This compounds with the significantly higher hit counts on their NP compared to Parvati, which will generate more overkills meaning more NP and Stars generated. which SR ticket" thread, What 4 star servent should I pick for FGO (US), Skadi, Scathach (Caster), Goddess of Winter and Mountains, Scathach=Skadi. Skadi comes with two tools to mitigate incoming damage: A decrease to Critical chance for enemies on Shivering Blizzard, and her Noble Phantasm. Dantes is very similar to Atalanta in that he has a 3-turn NP Generation Buff and an NP Damage Interlude Strengthening(On 3rd Anniversary) to allow him to perform. While Skadi’s primary benefit is creating an opportunity for NP Looping, one should not discount her boost to sheer damage output. 3 Turn Quick and Quick Critical Damage Buff for an ally. Her Kit assumes that someone else is bringing the sustain/defense and she is bringing the big dps, problem is that nobody is bringing the sustain and therefor she is just a worse waver. Possible candidates for Grand Rider, Saber, and Berserker? Okay so does the quick crit buff make big difference and does she work with non quick np servants as well? Given the five-turn nature of the Critical Damage buff, it should be very easy to stack this buff multiple times. Atalanta can generate a ridiculous amount of Stars whenever she fires off her NP. If I've made any mistakes, feel free to correct them. To give an example, I brought skadi + JAlter against Shuten + Raikou. It will be best to summon for her on the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of FGO, otherwise you may have to wait 1.5 years for her to return again. If you have any questions, feel free to comment and I'll try to give an answer. Parvati is one the best choices for Double Skadi Farming. Can synergize very well with Waver or another Skadi to get 100%. They have a strong 3 Turn Damage Boost in their 1st Skill, providing both 30% Quick and 20% NP Damage Buff. – Skadi’s Noble Phantasm is a powerful boost to her team, but it can be hard to access with her setup. The lists are what people need with double Skadi to be able to loop. Meta is temporary. Skadi's first skill is a targetable 50% Quick card buff and a Quick-specific 100% Critical Damage buff for three turns. (She does however patch up Scathach (Lancer)'s NP generation with her battery and provides both an attack and Quick steroid). Not only that, but she’s able to boost any Servant’s NP gauge by 50% with. She has some difficulty in sustained fights as well, having few sources of damage mitigation (solely damage cut tied to her Noble Phantasm), and no means of restoring health or stalling the enemy. There is a huge difference between 50% charge and 46% charge, so this should be leveled first and always to the max level., "I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength in futility and vanity; yet my vindication is with the LORD, and my reward is with my God." Valkyries will refund more stars and NP than Parvati even with Parvati's NP Gain Buff. She's the only servant that ever competes with Merlin for the title of most meta-defining servant. primarily serves to boost damage on a single wave via a defense down on all enemies. Atalanta is probably the most forgiving servant that can reliably NP Loop. Her NP recharge is also fairly poor since she only has 2 Arts cards compared to the standard 3 for a Caster class, but her high Quick hit counts can make up for the poor spread. Quick Effectiveness buff allows not only an increase in Quick Damage but also directly increases the NP and Star Generation of Quick Cards. 1 The average NP generation of servants with two Arts cards in their deck is roughly 1.71% (Average calculated using ~11+ Vanilla/Year 1 Silver/Bronze rarity servants.). In order to make full use of Skadi, you will need the right Servants and Craft Essences. I don't understand the chart. Scathach-Skadi will require the following materials to fully enhance her skills and ascend her. Main Quest: 1 Answer When equipped on Scathach=Skadi, The flexibility of being able to charge a servant's NP Gauge by 50% at will leads to usefulness in any imaginable situation. Scáthach-Skaði's arts cards have an NP generation rate of 2.01% passively buffed by her Territory Creation EX to 2.25%, substantially above average for her deck1. How can I exchange the free 4 star servant ticket? This skill not only allows for easy to access Noble Phantasms for allies, but at the same time offers certain Servants without a charge the option to use a Mixed Damage / NP Charge CE, or those with a charge to use The Black Grail for further damage increases. Skadi is very offensively oriented in terms of support, which fits very well with Quick teams, which tend not to go for sustain and instead rely on killing enemies before enemies kill them, though not to the same extent as Busters, naturally. Fate/Grand Order is Copyright Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. All images and names owned and trademarked by Aniplex Inc., DELiGHTWORKS, Aniplex of America and Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. are property of their respective owners. It may be helpful on occasion, but usually it won’t matter. It’s not especially strong on its own, but damage cut paired with a defense buff goes a long way towards keeping the party alive through cards. Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element / Dragon’s Meridian. Apply Evade for all allies (1 time, 3 turns). You can activate her 2nd skill on the final wave to kill the boss. In battle, Start off with activating her 1st Skill paired with the Quick Buffs from Double Skadi. Her second skill is much less important, but to make a complete kit is also a requirement. Her cards have incredible generation on them though, and it's not as if you can't do an arts chain or two while still fielding a Quick team. These stars, combined her high star weight and star absorption skill, will always ensure that she will be able to take advantage of the Critical Damage Bonus for Quick Cards that Skadi provides. I've only ever seen it posted secondhand like this. By boosting their Quick cards 50% they can gain just enough gauge with each Noble Phantasm that her 50% charge will boost them up again. Last but not least, when dealing Critical Damage, Quick Cards will deal significant damage and generate insane amounts of NP and Stars. Apply Death Immune for all allies (1 time, 3 turns). Unfortunately card draw is a game-mechanic no servant will really be able to alleviate 100% outside of a "Pick what cards you want this turn" skill. The 2nd skill you can ignore as you will never have an issue with getting enough stars. This skill combined with the Quick Buffs allows 3 Turn NP Looping for Farming Nodes with various Quick AOE Servants. It's a shame Skadi doubles down on that by making her crit buff Quick only. Finally, a targeted support skill that provides up to 20% NP Charge and 3000 HP Heal on her 3rd Skill at the cost of 10% of her NP. The strength of this skill should not be underestimated due to just how much defense down it provides (30%), which is about as strong as any other 3-turn skill in the game for the group. Even if you have a Boss that survives the NP, a single Critical Buster/Quick from Lancelot will finish them off. wouldn't both of them be reversed? I'd probably recommend Merlin/Skadi/Enkidu over double Skadi just based on Enkidu's Buster NP but in practice they could be identically good just due to how ridiculously powerful Skadi's first skill could make Enkidu's quicks (if they crit).

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