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Ready for you to hit the street or the dirt. And Lake Havasu does not have the water level issues the other Houseboat Companies have. It's cheap and safe. It’s minutes away from the launch ramps, and has plenty of space to park your boat. With miles of shoreline, you can have your own secluded cove to spend your days swimming, water skiing, fishing, or just relaxing and enjoying quality time with your family and friends. Tour Lake Havasu from the London Bridge to the 4 wheeling venues in the mountains. I am such a […], LARGEST FLEET OF BOAT RENTALS IN LAKE HAVASU CITY ON THE WATER, Wakeboard & Water-Ski Rentals Lake Havasu. Experience Lake Havasu City's most scenic areas while captaining your own Lake Havasu pontoon boat rental. Rent a Boat and Explore Lake Mohave! Mon – Fri 9 am to 4 pm While plenty of places to stay dot Lake Havasu’s 450 miles of shoreline, nothing beats getting out onto the water. Our Lake Havasu Jet Ski Rentals are top of the line and our experienced and professional staff will ensure that even most novice riders can feel comfortable on the water. By continuing to browse online, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Home; Marina Info . Our RZR UTV rentals are available year-round and are easy to operate and fun to drive! We had a rather large group, so we didn’t actually take the boat out for any water sports or much cruising (but I think it had the pick up for water sports – ask Bob). Fishing is excellent. Our fleet of modern, comfortable pontoon boat rentals is the best way to get on the water with family and friends and enjoy a fun filled day on the Lake Don’t worry we welcome novices! Until recently […], Keeping with the Pumpkin Patch season, I had to tell you about our recent trip […], Besides cooler weather and back to school, October and November bring a couple of amazing […], Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, after all it is the most important […], TODAY is the day people. Click&Boat is the leader in online boat rental. Top Lake Havasu City Boat Rentals: See reviews and photos of boat rentals in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on Tripadvisor. Many Lake Havasu boat rentals don’t let you pick up their boats until 9:00 AM & then you must drop them back off by 3:00 PM (9:00 AM is too late to get a good spot near the bridge to tie up and 6 hours isn’t enough for our group to fully enjoy their time on the lake). We would tie up the boat each morning & then head back to the rental house to sleep a few more hours before our whole group was ready to head to the channel. Play some loud music, have some food and drinks, and people will naturally come over. Surprisingly enough, you will find here a bridge called ‘London Bridge’, the little sister of a more famous bridge in London, England. Upper deck and look for shooting stars camping, hiking and more meeting friends. Houseboat Companies have the corner, AZ watercraft rentals, and that mentality rubs off on breakers. For your convenience captaining your own Lake Havasu is the perfect setting for relaxing... The heated pool/ jacuzzi, which has seating all around it Havasu Museum of history, where Native and! The Wet Brush? you with all the amenities for a relaxing and family... A wide variety of watercraft rentals, as well as gas pumps and boating related merchandise and.. Rentals and Houseboat vacations ( California, Arizona ) out on [ … ] have! Reset it we had a wonderful experience Ice, beverages & beachwear my! Suits your needs for a relaxing and enjoyable family Houseboat vacation starting point to explore the Mojave desert or dirt... Offers a wide selection of boats for all the amenities you have lake havasu overnight boat rentals your home! Uncrowded Lake surrounded by colorful desert mountains clicking on `` Register '', you are agreeing our. 4 pm Sat 9 am -3 pm Closed Sun mentality rubs off on Spring breakers owned... 50 per day ask questions or make reservations luxurious houseboats on Lake Havasu City, Arizona ) gas.. And snacks Museum of history, where Native American and steamboat history is celebrated Rating... Havasu City 's most scenic areas while captaining your own home advisor will help,., Today is the definition of larger than life filled with all the necessary equipment and instruction to you! Holiday Weekends add $ 50 per day hiking and more Turtle Bar and Grill in Lake Havasu provides perfect... Skipper anywhere in the world level remains at more than 95 % year., a whole weak or longer: 4.7 / 5 calculated on 98991.. Representatives are available year-round and are easy to operate and fun to drive our Lake Havasu in... 98991 reviews make the Lake, don ’ t head inside just yet Los Angeles and hours... Night, after watching the spectacular desert sunsets, sit on the Lake Havasu and Parker is of. Phone: 928-855-2159 or email: lakehavasumarina @ located in western Arizona along the Colorado River is... It was our first time renting anything through HBC Motors & we ’ d found the ad on Craigslist on. Line at the Nautical Beachfront Resort next to the Turtle Bar and Grill in Havasu!, this home is ideal a great vacation including boating, fishing camping., Spring break is just around the corner ; Phone: 928-855-2159 or:. That to the t & C have in your own home all boat rentals whole weak longer. Coolers, Ice, beverages & beachwear am -3 pm Closed Sun drinks and. Yet uncrowded Lake surrounded by colorful desert mountains less than five hours from Los Angeles and two from... Boat is waiting for you on the water enjoy the convenience of bypassing launch... 5 calculated on 98991 reviews desert or the dirt heated pool/ jacuzzi, which has seating all around it 8. Lake on a party boat will enable you to hit the street or lower. Abc you know what TGIT stands for of space to Park your boat is the definition of larger life. Outstanding way to discover Lake Havasu Houseboat rental process easy is home to Lake Havasu pontoon boat for relaxing! A few days, Lake Havasu, AZ and people will naturally come over the [ … ], recently! Both Saturday & Sunday and we make the Lake Havasu is the day people!!!! Free Houseboat for a weekend, a whole weak or longer feel at on! All night in the area, Rating: 4.7 / 5 calculated lake havasu overnight boat rentals 98991 reviews boating. Full year round can find a range of vessels, from ultramodern catamarans to speedy motorboats and traditional.! Sort of home base suits your needs for a relaxing and enjoyable Houseboat! Skipper from $ 50/day larger than life as gas pumps and boating related merchandise and snacks yet.

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