solace vs kafka

appeared first on Solace. Combining the functions of messaging, storage, and processing, Kafka isn’t a common message broker. Kafka topics are implemented as log files, and because of this file-based topic system, topics in Kafka are a very “broker-centric” concept. Built in synchronous or asynchronous DR replication at topic/queue granularity.

Take a look at some examples at 7:20: Solace’s hierarchical topic structure (multiple levels, delimited by slash /) and wildcard ability allows for much more fine-grained filtering at the broker than you may be able to get with a Kafka broker.

This promotes a loosely-coupled architecture, and provides a scalable, one-to-many style of communication. Typically, consuming applications register a topic subscription of interest with the broker.

All APIs supported and frequently updated by Solace.

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Broker available as hardware appliance or software – functionally equivalent.

Looking for some examples? Bookmark this site & read our blogs regularly for free business tips, review on new release products in the market and high quality service providers for your products.My other social links:Netmetic Wordpress​Netmetic GravatarNetmetic TumblrNetmetic DiigoNetmetic EvernoteNetmetic PocketNetmetic MediumNetmetic AboutMeNetmeticInstapaper Netmetic DisqusNetmetic AlternionNetmetic Paper.liNetmetic LinkedinNetmetic PinterestNetmetic Nimbus. Because of this, there’s a strong order guarantee on topics in Solace; if two clients/consumers are subscribed to the same topics, they will always receive messages in the exact same order. Wide variety of lightweight standard APIs (JMS, JCA) and proprietary APIs for server, web and. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the apachekafka community. Offers high performance for simple pub/sub, struggles to support features that require knowledge of state or changes to published message format. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

With Solace, topics aren’t actually configured on the broker. It also gives us the option to perform stateful stream processing by defining the underlying topology.

Requires external gateways for REST; MQTT/AMQP likely not possible due to lack of message routing capabilities. MQTT, REST, Websockets, COMET supported by the broker along with interoperability between them – no proxies required. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. They’re instead defined by the publishing application at publish time. Kafka comes to the rescue here, both microservices can share a Kafka topic and use it to achieve eventual consistency.

KAFKA PECULIARITIES. Or keep reading for a few key takeaways. The short answer is… quite a lot.

The post Solace Topics vs. Kafka Topics: What’s the Difference? Solace forwards the message onto the clients on a message-by-message basis as they arrive at the broker, using essentially a subscription matching engine. Proprietary, thick API makes consumer responsible for consumer state, connectivity to many brokers, finding partition leaders.

And the limit bit is an oversimplification of the issue with two open file handles for every topic partition file, which does limit the total number of topics in Kafka.

The differences between Solace PubSub+ and Kafka in terms of architecture, message handling, security and operations Definitely check out the whole video, and then connect with me here on LinkedIn if you have additional questions. Ever wondered what the difference is between a Solace topic and an Apache Kafka topic? At the 4:35 mark below I share few real-world use cases, one with a foreign exchange trading platform and another with a connected buses platform. Simple broker that takes a log file approach to storage and replay.

The writer clearly doesn't understand Kafka topics at all. "Messages on Kafka topics are shared across partitions, and this can result in out-of-order messages across the whole topic, and can put a limit on the number of topics you can maintain in a Kafka broker.".

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