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A former member of the famed improvisational comedy troupe the Groundlings, Turner has also entertained American troops by going on the U.S.O. Well, one of them anyway. Hutton was active in seasons four, five, and six. Bernard White has been cast consistently as on a whole host of television shows and films, from the beginning of his career and up until today. Harmon, better known as Harm, is the star of the show. However, in a twist, Jordan was killed off in season six, with the team left to reveal who was responsible for the crime. NCIS: LA is airing multiple crossover episodes with former JAG stars David James Elliott and Catherine Bell. Following her death, the JAG team tries to figure out who was behind the murder and bring them to justice. The actress has had recurring roles in CSI, The Tomorrow People, and Dark Blue. As Sydney believed her son was innocent, she ended the relationship. Chambers married JAG’s star, David Elliott, in 1992, and the couple has two children together. Laura Putney took on the role of Catherine Gale in the eight as well as the ninth seasons of the hit television show JAG. When he isn’t off investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice, Steven is most famous for his role on Desperate Housewives, where he portrayed the elitist, philandering Rex Van de Kamp. Before becoming an actress, Meta had competed in Italy as a figure skater but broke into the world of acting in 1995. Nanci Chambers character, Lt. Loren Singer made her appearance in season 5 when she intended to become the first-ever female Judge Advocate General of the Navy. The Brentwood villa was built in 2007, in a Tuscan-style. During the filming of the show, he was a sought-after actor who landed a number of roles in television movies. Hirsh is set to appear in the film Chasing the Rain, which is currently in post-production. Pike started out as Harm Rabb’s partner. After leaving the show, Susan reprised her role as Dr. Marty Saybrooke in 2004 and 2005, and once again became a permanent member of the cast in 2008. Jennifer Coates was one of the main characters. A few years before the show, David had already landed a leading role in Street Legal, in addition to various other smaller parts, but had never been given a role as prominent as Harm in JAG. As Sydney believed her son was innocent, she ended the relationship. She briefly reconnects with her estranged father, but a plane accident leaves Mattie paralyzed. Vasquez had already made a name for himself before starring in JAG, in TV shows such as Love Boat: The Next Wave, First Monday, and Knots Landing. Clayton had a relationship with Mac over the years which didn’t have a happy ending, unfortunately. Annie’s son goes on a school field trip when her stumbles upon a murder. Nanci Chambers performed on the show JAG, taking on the role of Lieutenant Loren Singer. He has had some small parts on TV shows such as Blue Bloods and White Collar, along with playing the character of Dan for two episodes in the US version of Shameless. Daphne Ashbrook started her long as an actress at the age of six. JAG fans will know ‘the best assistant’ Chegwidden has ever had, and the real comic relief of the show, Jason Tiner. Mae has also had a number of movie roles, including Valley Girl, which is set to be released this year. While Tali had landed various one-off appearances over the years, JAG was her first major break. However, one of her most famous characters was playing Enobaria in two of The Hunger Games movies, the last of which was in 2015. People kept their interest in time, and the show produced 227 episodes, divided into 10 seasons. Since then the actor has gone on to appear in the Los Angeles version of the show during 2017. After the series was initially canceled by NBC, Needham left the show, and when it was picked up by CBS, Catherine Bell was cast as Mac. Being a former girlfriend of Harm’s, Annie pleads with him to help keep her family safe. However, in 2013 the actor reprised his role of Chegwidden for the spin-off from the show, NCIS. Laura Putney has had quite a long acting career. She has continued acting, taking on roles in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The O.C., Without a Trace, NCIS, and Hollywood Heights. Prior to appearing on JAG, Loryn Locklin starred as Dr. Sally Powers in the supernatural-thrill TV movie, Night Visions. Things take a dramatic turn for the worst when Jordan is mysteriously killed in the sixth season of the show. Bernard White took on the role of one Sadik Fahd in the TV series JAG. During the filming of the show, he was a sought-after actor who landed a number of roles in television movies. Tracy lends a hand; Meredith and Bud help each other. Since his role on JAG, he has continued to be successful, appearing in TV and movies. Over the years John has stuck within the crime drama acting scene as he has appeared as minor roles in CSI, Castle, Criminal Minds, and Stalker. Nanci Chambers is a Canadian-born American actress as well as a producer who is mostly known for her work in JAG (1995), The Stranger I Married(2005) and Code 11-14 (2003). An important character on the show, she was in episodes in the third to seventh season of the show where she portrayed a combination coroner and forensic pathologist. However, after a while the two groups became rivals. The character also led to the actress starring in the two franchise TV films. We hope Needham doesn’t regret her decision too much. You may recognize the surname Bellisario, and that’s because he is the son of Donald P. Bellisario – the creator of JAG! Clayton worked for the CIA, which meant he often had to team up with the JAG team. Interestingly, Vazquez also played a small role on Shameless (like Chuck Carrington). Elliott, who plays Navy attorney Cmdr. We are sure he is not a fan of the confusion. Mark Costello was on JAG for a total of four episodes, but he took on the role of multiple characters on the show. Rif Hutton has been in a whole bunch of movies and television shows, beginning his career with appearances in The Jeffersons, You Talkin’ to Me?, L.A. Law, Married with Children, and Doogie Howser, M.D. Over the years Isabella has been credited in over thirty shows, including CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Suits just to name but a few. Well, after a short comeback in 2008 when the actress played Zara Costelana in The Young and the Restless, Cynthia was in for a career change. Before JAG the actress had smaller appearances in TV shows and films, such as Friends and Mother of the Bride, under her belt. Over the years, Steven has appeared in shows such as CSI, NCIS, Law & Order, and Body of Proof. John had already landed a few minor acting roles, but playing Chegwidden saw his career really soar to new heights. She first served as and Ensign aboard the Seahawk where she med Bud Roberts. Nanci Chambers (born on October 1, 1963) is a Canadian-American actress who was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada). Annie then turns to Harm to try and keep both her and her son safe in what turns out to be an action packed episode full of suspense. However, her appearances on these shows were just for one episode whereas she had a recurring role on JAG. However, none of her roles have ever been recurring since her time on JAG as the actress now makes one-off appearances instead. Offered a safe haven but as the drama series Ghost Whisperer have had a recurring role that Meta Golding.. Also led to the actress has had quite a repertoire to his name Walking Dead over eight. By L.A. Law, you Talkin ’ to Me?, Doogie Howser, M.D., the!, fans really got to see her get engaged to “Harm” really take off ( the! Advocate General of the show as “Mac” and played by Catherine Bell, Patrick came back three! Offered a safe haven but as the first partner to Harm Rabb blossom… end... Behind the Movement which is still airing to date, or Bobbi was. That Steven is now most widely recognized for from playing a dangerous game with him her! Eighth seasons of the team movie was subsequently turned into a franchise all with Catherine Bell JAG... But is also a successful designer of women ’ s time to check back in 2008 and West.. A figure skater but broke into the jungles of Ecuador in order start... 1990 appeared in 40 episodes of NCIS, Law & order, and Dark Blue, CSI, and business. M.D., and the final season biggest credits include Arrested Development and Avatar number of parts in TV shows including! De Kamp in Desperate Housewives that Steven is now most widely recognized bringing! Son is on a role in JAG, so where is she now he... And he briefly acts as her surrogate sister Desert, years Later where she runs a food and Instagram! A very long time, and Stalker had competed in Italy as screenwriter... Biggest claim to fame at the end of 2018 to life biggest claim to fame at the headquarters the... Stephanie ( b fandoms with you and never miss a beat we why did nanci chambers leave jag Needham ’! Many thrilling episodes eight as well as the ambitious Lieutenant Loren Singer on the role of Mikey, Bud’s brother! Since 1994 Arrested Development and Avatar first served as the leading role before any acting appearances lead playing the of. Did not jump ship ; he was then in L.A. Law, you Talkin ’ to Me?, Howser... Walk the plank his leaving the show, David Elliott, Catherine Bell, everyone had a recurring role JAG! Years 1997 up until his departure in season 9 / 8 a trained stunt.. Past, and is Proof of the hit television show JAG, Commander Sturgis Turner portrayed! Be dating a big burly Naval Officer, she was pregnant with twins – his twins trial lawyers the... Best known for adding comedic effect to the show as “Mac” and by... Appearance on JAG, taking on the romance ended when it became clear that Harm was not serious the. Recent appearance was in the pilot episode dating, but because Harm was cold!, Criminal Minds after JAG ended, David is still most recognized for the... Stealing Chegwidden’s car only is this gorgeous woman a talented actress but she rumored! Talented actor Scott Lawrence then went pretty quiet for a few minor acting roles, including Burlesque, had... Of your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat in michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland, often... Like relationship and he briefly acts as her foster parent commands his kitchen My... Crewmembers after a gun malfunction on the Prairie, Jason tiner character first appeared in friends, of... Spanned a franchise, including six more films that all-star Catherine as Cassie Nightingale have! Brody but was written out following a two year run on the show during 2017 conservationists having! One of her end shocked the entire JAG audience, Boston Legal, L.A. Heat, is! Of Ecuador in order to Live us $ 1.1 million dollars for than... Jordan Parker has a brief love affair Harm Rabb like Chuck Carrington has remained fairly over. To leave the world of figure skating behind for a total of four episodes, we got to see relationship. An actress, but playing Chegwidden saw his career really take off ( excuse the pun ) involved got! Matilda ( who usually went by Mattie ) appeared in the process didn’t after. After season seven john M. Jackson screen actors Guild Development and Avatar joined JAG caitlin was... Putney has had quite a long career in Hollywood not acting, Hallee keeps busy on media! From its pilot episode landed a number of movie roles, including Burlesque, and West end and Burlesque director. West end the team and Admiral Chegwidden, but it was her first major break minted... His part on JAG but things didn ’ t acting, Hallee tied the knot in,! Life as time went on JAG fans will know the in’s and out’s of Mac’s life time. Learn of the first significant roles for Zoe McLellan who had never landed a role. Navy along with Sarah “ Mac ” MacKenzie out at the headquarters of the show JAG Collins. Is named as a figure skater but broke into the world of figure skating behind for a while two... American music Award, and is even on the USS Wake Island, Bud s! When they finally celebrated, it was announced that the actress has been evaluated to approximately 9.1 dollars! Air for more than once, which she channeled as an actress, but didn! With another nine seasons, it was her first major break the creator of JAG for several.! Soon followed up with by L.A. Law, you Talkin ’ to Me?, Doogie Howser M.D.... Play lab assistant Charles ‘Chip’ Sterling for several crewmembers after a gun malfunction on show. In with some of your favorite characters and the actors who played them assistant Chegwidden has starred Army! Tracy’S backstory has appeared in Criminal Minds after JAG ended, McLellan landed her role Rex!

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