supreme week 9

Do not put the "(Category)" within the keyword finder. The core functionality is intended to automate & streamline the process of buying limited launch product, including sneakers, clothing, & accessories from the supported sites listed.

For Safe Mode If there is an issue where the item carts and then a blank screen shows at checkout (but the [1] and “Checkout Now” buttons are still showing), stop and start tasks again or click the [1] and direct to cart, then go back to checkout).

Correct Keyword Format: Box Logo Hooded Black, Incorrect Keyword Format: Box Logo Hooded (Sweatshirts) Black. Make sure that you’re using the correct proxy if you’re not in the location you’re attempting to purchase from, Please read the entirety of the section titled "Week 9 FW20 Tips ", Supreme USA: 11 AM Eastern Supreme Europe: 11 AM GMT / 6 AM Eastern Supreme Japan: 11 AM Tokyo Time. All EU users should select the US/UK sizing for shoe releases. We suggest experimenting with it and seeing what fits you best. Port: Input port into the "Port" section.

After hitting "complete payment" on checkout the button will remain on "please wait" and not continue further. Supreme US/EU/JP: Use Captcha harvesters as with any other task. 4.

Using PayPal will slow you down significantly, and reduce your chances of success.

An Irish and England band, My Bloody Valentine originally formed in 1983 in Dublin. Category Selection: This feature works in conjunction with the keyword finder - simply select all categories for the items that you enabled keywords for.

IP: Input the IP of your proxy into the "IP" section. Enter keywords, using the (keyword)(color) format. Set refresh interval (recommended 2-3 seconds) 5. Captcha is required for all regions on initial drop. Supreme Week 9 is dropping tomorrow! Purchase proxies @ Supreme Week 9 Drop List Spring/Summer 2019. During any release, going for less items maximizes your chances of successfully checking out. - "ramm (skate) deck red": wrong keyword, category included in keyword. With this option the bot will first attempt to purchase your desired size, but if it's sold out it will choose the next available size. In the upper right corner click the button for the current user.

If you see the item has loaded and the keyword finder did not pick it up -, We also suggest you consider using a combination of keyword and, In order to obtain this feature, please update the bot (by reinstalling it). This feature is built in to help prevent ghost orders and increase the percentage of successful checkouts.

Although theoretically it may be possible to monitor the the process of autofilling information, the simple fact that many autofill, as well as completely manual users still receive the error suggests that it's a combination of behavioral patterns that may be at play. Enable all categories that apply to the keywords. Week 1 27th February 20.

Do not leave it refreshing the website over a long period of time as this could lead to a ban, * If the keyword is incorrect, or the bot doesn't pick up the item you were looking for automatically, simply. Enable "Any Size" (optional). This will allow you to run the bot as two separate tasks with two billings. Project Destroyer is automated checkout software, designed to give you an edge on drop day. 10. Although ForceCop Supreme Bot updates automatically, to make sure that you’re running the latest possible version it may be best to uninstall and then reinstall it (forcing the update to occur). "Please Wait Error": This is a fairly new error, and occurs for both manual, as well as bot users. As with any other release, our team will closely monitor all changes and happenings on the Supreme website, and continue to update the bot whenever an opportunity at improvement arises. DO NOT use all of them at once. 6. This feature is in no way mandatory. Make sure you have selected the category the item is in. The Supreme week 9 drop will drop this Thursday, April 25th.

Alternatively, purchase our Starter Supreme Bot, iOS, or Android.


If you do, we will cancel your order with no refund.

2. This leads us to believe that this is an error with Supreme's payment processor, or a server issue. Prior to tomorrow's release, please read the "Common Supreme Issues" section of the setup guide, which may provide additional information regarding this topic. While this is just a suggestion, it's something that may prove useful.

Week 5 26th March 20. We recommend doing this 1-2 minutes prior to the release. If you're attempting to purchase a hat, make sure the "Any Size", or a particular hat sizing option is selected! 5. To input a proxy, simply follow these steps: Title: For the title section give your proxy a name (doesn't matter what). The card decline issue is what often is referred to as a "ghost order".

However, it's always best to remain near the computer at all times! 1. October 18, 2018 Uncategorized *Will be Updated After the UK Drop* Here we will introduce you to Supreme task setup as it is different from Shopify setup. After hitting "complete payment" on checkout the button will remain on "please wait" and not continue further.

The bot works on all locales, including the United States, EU, as well as Japan.

We recommend keeping this number between 3-5 seconds, however, please feel free to experiment with this setting at your own risk. Complete and save all checkout credentials. Please make sure you're following and reading the guide closely, and are not refreshing, testing, or checking out with delays lower than suggested. Supreme Week 9. Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.

A majority of the tasks should be in Supreme (Mobile) mode. 4. Make sure to do this 2-3 minutes prior to drop. Select "Manage People". If you can, you should not use them, as. Although it's possible to purchase multiples of the same item, we advise strongly against it, as it could lead to the cancellation of all orders from Supreme (this includes different colors & sizes of the same item). If a color is not present it should be left blank. The keywords selected do not match the categories.


It may be their name, email, or icon. IP Ban - Use proxy or server (proxies can be used directly with ForceCop). 1. Week 3 12th March 20. Choose Sizing for Clothes & Shoes or Random for Accessories & Hats. Run a combination of Mobile + Desktop to increase success. Input the IP of your proxy into the "IP" section. 6. We recommend a checkout delay of 3-4 seconds to avoid the "card decline" error. Supreme Week 9 Setup Guide & Droplist (FW20). Make sure that you’re using the correct proxy if you’re not in the location you’re attempting to purchase from. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Enable checkout delay (suggested 3-5 seconds). (This is entirely optional).

Enable a checkout delay (recommended 2-4 seconds). If you have non-numerical proxies, please ask your provider what the IP, port, user, and password are. Upon purchase of Project Destroyer, you are accepting the terms and conditions.

We think that this may be caused by a number of things: Info Ban - We recommend changing "Rd." Supreme SS20 Week 9 will go down this Thursday, April 23rd, exclusively on at 11AM EST. All EU users should select the US/UK sizing for shoe releases.

and should only be used if you are either IP banned, or if you're attempting to purchase from a locale which you're not currently in. Fill in proxies & select one in the dropdown menu (optional). To solve this issue, simply disable Chrome Autofill by going to your browser settings: After this is done, we recommend you reinstall the bot to make sure it has the priority when autofilling fields on Supreme's website. Make sure you have your credit card ready and copied to the clipboard. 3. Going for fewer items will significantly increase your chances of success. This is how long the bot will wait before clicking the "Process Payment" button. (This is entirely optional).

To Test, setup tasks & note the delays – run tasks & time how long until a 429 error comes up.

Wait 20-30 minutes, adjust delays, and test again.

Week 0 20th February 20. UPDATE: The full droplist is here and Supreme has definitely packed the heat.

You can test it prior with fake details to see an estimated time it will take for the process to complete. Week 9 23rd April 20. --- When an online purchase exceeds your usual spending habits, the bank will refuse to fund any and all purchases from your card! The guide to doing so can be found, We would considering lowering the checkout delay depending on how short / long you want to process to take. 2. Sign into Chrome.

(Failed Carting is the same as the 429 error, too many requests. 8. If you're using multiple keywords, select multiple categories. The keywords are not in the correct format: - "blocked hooded (sweatshirts)": no color selected & includes category as keyword. * If the keyword is incorrect, or the bot doesn't pick up the item you were looking for automatically, simply click on the item and the checkout process will begin.

If you do, we will cancel your order with no refund.

This can be done by enabling size "M" and "Any Size" simultaneously.

04/22/2020 ~ erik anson.

Week 2 5th March 20.

| Copyright © 2020 | All rights reserved. Week 4 19th March 20. Keywords: The keyword format the bot expects is (keyword) (color) ex: Box Logo Hooded BlackDo not put the "(Category)" within the keyword finder. Login to your personal Gmail account - Because reCaptcha is run by Google, logging into your personal Gmail account will help you reduce the chances of it occurring.

Oftentimes the limits, the location, the time, and the website from which a good is purchased come into play, so please beware of the fact that it's very likely your that your bank will refute a charge of over $10,000 on a single item from an online store (pinball machine).

Payment Method: Although Supreme UK supports PayPal, we recommend you use your credit card to complete purchase, as it's much faster. Please keep in mind that to keep it as authentic as possible, it will take a few seconds for all details to fill in.

The most recent update to the Pro & Starter bots allows for human-mimicking during the checkout process. IMPORTANT: Stay up do date on the latest news via our Twitter & Instagram prior to each release.

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