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Sculpted cast octopus handle. 12.25" satin finish unsharpened stainless blade. Blade locks into black wooden cane shaft and unlocks with the push of a hidden button in the cast metal fitting. Black aluminum shaft with rubber foot. Secured by a spring, button-lock mechanism, non-slip rubber tip. 37.5" overall. 10.5" satin finish stainless blade. Made in Pakistan. Made in China. Sword Knob Cane. Shop today and save! Unscrew handle to reveal 16 1/4" stainless blade. Boxed with hanging tab. Each individual cane is hand built to be a strong, light weight walking cane designed for every day use. Sword Cane. Wooden handle unscrews to reveal a 15" dagger blade. 15.25" stainless blade. The blade on this early sword cane appears to be similar to French swords with engraved or etched designs and i see a grass hut, palm trees, designs and a Maltese cross?. Pirate skull metal and acrylic handle. Sword Knob Cane. Made in China. 37" overall. 37 1/2" overall. BUDK.com proudly stocks functional sword canes in decorative and practical styles. This product is more than worth the price and exceeded all my expectations! During this period, it was becoming less socially acceptable to openly carry a sword, but there were still upper-class men routinely trained in swordsmanship who wished to go armed for self-defense. The overall length ks abut 40 1/2" long, with the natural material handle of bone or other natural material, length of about 6 3/4" long with deep cut and carved native dancers, with a bird Garuda on the cap or top end. 29 3/4" overall. 36" overall. 4.25" overall push dagger grip with 2.63" stainless blade. Rubber foot. The construction & heft make it an acceptable weapon when necessary. Round handle features Fleur de Lis design covered in clear acrylic. Add to Cart. 28" overall. Swords … Made in China. Hiking Staff, Country Cane and Standard Walking Cane Black cane shaft with rubberized tip. Boxed. Made in China. Today, the company is situated “zone artisanal de Bournat” at Orléat in Auvergne area in the middle of France at 400 kms south from Paris. 16.5" satin finish double edge stainless blade. Boxed. 22 7/8" double edge Damascus steel blade. 15.5" stainless blade. Black aluminum scabbard/cane. Our showroom is closed until further notice. NOTE: Our latest Sword Canes have an enhanced locking mechanism to hold it closed until you pull on it, so it is safe when used as a cane or for striking without opening. Combined with old world and distinguished 36 3/8" overall. E-mail us Rubber ferrule. Fiberglass carbon fiber composite shaft. I own several sword canes from inexpensive to high end. Sword Cane. Popular Assorted Cane Swords. 37" overall. 22 7/8" 1045 carbon steel double edged blade with intricate scrollwork etchings. Overall Length: 36.50″ The Cane Swords swordstick was a popular fashion accessory for the wealthy during the 18th and 19th centuries. KeySmart All Canes & Bats Emerson Knives Ka-Bar Knives Spyderco Knives Cold Steel Knives CAS Iberia/Hanwei SOG Knives William Henry Studio Benchmade Knives SureFire Flashlights Olight Flashlights TOPS Knives ESEE … See, Women's Medieval Clothing and Accessories, Women's Steampunk Clothing and Accessories, Women's Renaissance Clothing & Accessories, Men's Renaissance Clothing and Accessories, Greek & Roman Gladius, Swords and Weapons, Conan the Barbarian Original Movie Classic, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Windlass Rustblocker Special Offer (Reg $12) [+$9.00], Flitz Care Kit Special Offer (Reg $25) [+$18.75], Renaissance Micro-Crystalline Wax Polish 200 ml [+$28.95]. Unsharpened tapered square cross section with sharp point. Black aluminum shaft. Sort By. 36" overall. Unscrew handle to reveal 16 1/2" stainless blade. Black cane shaft with rubberized tip. Rubber foot. Buying a Sword offers a fantastic array of functional sword canes for collectors and self-defense enthusiasts to enjoy as a part of their home arsenal. Black finish solid aluminum grip and pommel head. Depending on the type of wood and it’s custom design, a cane is always seen being carried by rich men called “Don”, which is a title given to owners of big lands, often a ranch and/or a large fruit and vegetable plantation. A good looking hat and a gentleman’s cane. bespoke range of quality hand crafted Sword Canes, carbon fiber handle. Regular price $59.95 Sale price $59.95 Regular price. $19.99. Detailed silver bronze dog's head pommel. Black wooden cane/scabbard with embossed pewter throat and black rubberized tip. Maginoo Sword Cane – There are two things a prestigious gentleman carries with him when he walks the street. Subscribe for Coupon Codes and Discounts given only Twice a month. The blade length & balance are excellent. The end has a lion課ェs head firmly mounted as a cap. Cast metal handle. Black aluminum shaft with rubber foot. Made in China. View as Grid List. Made in China. 36.5" overall. Made in China. Black anodized aluminum shaft with rubber end. I know that in the future, when contemplating a knife/sword purchase, you company will be the first place I look. Rosewood shaft with rubber tip. Made in Taiwan. Most people just Inquire Availability, Customers from US & Canada can click below to order this item: Overall: 37"; Blade: 26" l Carbon Steel l Standard Edge l Satin Finish; Other Info: Pommel features horned skull image of Evruc and the 1045 carbon steel blade is engraved with Anglecal runes that translate as "Out of Darkness Comes Light."

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