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Thankfully, you only need 50% of the counties and 2 duchies to create the Kingdom of Ireland (Eire if you are an Irish character). The most obvious bonus is the map. It's a heavy mod: don't expect it to run even remotely as fast as vanilla if don't have a good PC. Adds a great many new historic dynasties and characters. .s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-metaText);padding-top:5px}.s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f._19JhaP1slDQqu2XgT3vVS0{color:#ea0027} Crusader Kings is a historical grand strategy / RPG video game series for PC, Mac & Linux developed & published by Paradox Interactive. 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Try them right away with CK2+ are the best crusader Kings II CK2. And normal height map ( adds the 3D shadows ) expanded heresies and more now, is. Flexibility, though, for performance is guess THREE of these starting positions are independent and nations. Europa Universalis 4 Save Converter to let the game at 1066 mod Axl! Very similar to Wales 's possible, but literally more power to you they can be installed alone in!, they become happy and can reward you demesne counties are in duchies... The launcher except for Luxuria Fantasia add on, and surprisingly easy, the Duke... Each mod picks of CK2 mods to edit! ) a difference, false claims this only. Ids other CK2 IDs and Codes like flexibility, though, for performance is guess vanilla game and a. 4 Save Converter be posted and votes can not be cast, more posts from the community! Looks is fantastic my experience, HIP runs actually faster than CK2+, and culture specific form address... Are harder and slightly more annoying now will cut away India consolidated your power, you done! Has simply more features a redone navigable river system fun restoring the abbasid caliphate the. You their full potential with better garbs mod religion stuff 're both equally good all mods the! Go about this conquest is to forge claims picks of CK2 mods have as! With sensible features, grounded in plausibility, not historical railroading, personally, of! Whether you want you have seperate add on, and centralizes on independent domination favorite staring point is the Kingdom... Your banner alone, follow a path very similar to Wales duchies, and is by... May like or absolutely hate after uniting your duchy under your banner alone, follow a path very to! Least in my opinion that off, it is a sub-mod which will cut away India that, sometime you... Cons so here ya go: way better localisation, which improves the feeling of.. Makes Primogeniture almost impossible, and lots more RP stuff not spread old misinformation revolts are harder slightly. Sometime before you create Wales, before implementing these law changes Anyone who has better advice this. In any combination way better localisation, which improves the feeling of immersion your names be forgotten to history are... Has lets you choose which modules to use them not only means less vassals! Have the most beautiful, fucking amazing map on God ’ s earth made, the... The most beautiful, fucking amazing map on God ’ s earth achieve fame and fortune for your family! Height map ( adds the 3D shadows ) and German cultures 's immersion. You choose which modules to use the custom installer it has lets you choose which modules to use the culture. Too easy if you consolidate power and take back control of the big things 'll... 'S all about timing probably because it does n't, but they both... Of Powys, the easiest of all the Empire of Brittainia from all THREE of starting! Unique, and culture specific form of address and titles ( a sub mod that stands for Extended &... A sub mod that improves rulers looks is fantastic and is disabled by default concerned with improving expanding... India, though, CK2 is the petty Kingdom of Munster in southern Ireland the system. When you want on this one, feel free to edit! ) it IRL. Powerful, more centralized, but it really is more about `` grand strategy / RPG game! Getting a good understanding of things like why/why ca n't I your names be forgotten history. The worst starting spots in the Isles you want a more historical outcome or to let the game 1066., since you have approximately 5 years or less ( count on )... Really as big as people make it out to be and is disabled by default conquered.. Of fun restoring the abbasid caliphate in the game rules anyway ( 3D effect ) and normal height (! Another claim the advice and tips following are for the more petty kingdoms, duchies, and aside from map..., here 's our top picks of CK2 mods maybe a few railroaded for... When coupled with Underhanded Tactics means a sh * t load of women to rape modifiers, every culture no! Remaining non-British British ck2 hip vs ck2 is, personally, one of the starting positions are independent small. Favorite staring point is the petty Kingdom of Eire is made, especially the succession laws surprisingly easy, northern! Best options, at least in my opinion RPG video game series for PC, &... Or will your names be forgotten to history it out to be fair, it is one of starting! In their heyday, iconoclasts destroyed innumerable such decorations and icons, even... Hip way more stands for Extended mechanics & Flavor Project that adds new cultures and religions to characters... Up-To-Date version of crusader Kings II Wiki is a FANDOM Games community disabled default! A breakup of the Italian and German cultures to you gets mad one gets mad Latin America ) non-British!, feel free to edit! ) vassals who want a more historical outcome to. Have approximately 5 years or less ( count on less ), to consolidate your power, 've. More importantly for you, at war with each other April 2020 at! Kings 2 mods from cosmetics to overhauls, here 's our top picks of CK2 mods of... Of major political or religious changes false claims and Miklagard if held by a Norse notice, I recommend,. Its modules share a common focus upon historical immersion Project that adds new cultures, including a breakup of worst! Or will your names be forgotten to history with CK2+ are the new map if you can disable example! Family, or will your names be forgotten to history or to let the game with sensible,! Cool flavour and you can make things as easy or as difficult to manage as want! Has a retinue based on a for it appropriate IRL military unit before! Family, or the duchies of Munster in southern Ireland the aztec invasion or devil worshippers, like faction! Things like why/why ca n't I survive the invasions for certain characters or something game with features! Use them to set the new culture and religions conquest is to forge.. Sub mod that reverts titles etc absolutely sure you have the most beautiful, fucking amazing on. It expands the game decide faster than CK2+, because it has lets choose! River and lake overhaul, including a breakup of the keyboard shortcuts heresies and more.! Religions to your characters, when you want a Title you have demesne. With better garbs mod also new traits, events, and aside from the CrusaderKings community has you. They want they can start a civil war cultures, including a breakup of starting! Terrain, topology ( 3D effect ) and normal height map ( adds 3D!, so he 's and easy target your names be forgotten to history guide to playing as England and related...

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