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Bill Clinton. Epstein was also close friends with billionaire Leslie Wexner who is the founder of Victoria’s Secret. They are usually based on various news items from the mainstream media and/or whatever the clogosphere is currently hyperventilating about, with each item shoehorned into the conspiracy narrative the report is trying to establish. Why did Epstein model his “temple” on this specific building? What deals has he ever made with Russia. The documents alleged a conspiracy that took place over a number of years in the early- to mid-2000s, with Epstein’s island — and his waterfront estate in Palm Beach — as frequent backdrops. Its little black book of guests included the likes of Jimmy Buffet, Courtney Love, and other prominent executives, politicians, and celebrities. It’s in the Dossier. What about oprah, ellen, Obama, and 100s of others, That’s absolute desperation if you think any of them are involved, Hillary clinton, and the types of rituals they did for androchrome. Some even suggest the images show cannibalism. He’s a predictor like Epstein was. Another can of worms that is begging to be pried open: Epstein’s Private Island. One is the current President of the United States. This material may not be reproduced without permission. Related Mass Arrest Update: Now Up To 1,183 Sealed Indictments in 36 Districts & DOJ Will Consider STOP referring to the fake Dossier as some kind of evidence. Trump is the one going to bust these monster m’fers! I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea, that doesn’t give people the right to be mean to him that way. Berman had actually done volunteer work for the Trump transition team and appears to have been regarded as a loyal Republican, competent prosecutor and attorney. He was a huge CLINTON donor and supporter. A dossier written by Hillary and her friends is your evidence? According to the little black book, Bill Clinton was a frequent visitor to Jeffrey Epstein’s island and flew on Epstein’s jet several times. According to “conservative” media, the case could finally put to light the deep association between the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein while revealing the shady child trafficking network that was fronted by the Clinton Foundation. the democrats are trying to use covid and other bs to cover up what’s really happening. While they were there for the conference, they did attend a party or two thrown by Epstein during their time on the island. I say put their asses under the jail. The Clinton connection had nothing to do with people criticizing bar, just as that whole story has nothing to do with this one. Banned him from there. I wish people would quit trying to find a narrative to drag Donald Trump through the mud. Burn Baby Burn , No One is to Blame ! Epstein transported his victims from Cyril E. King Airport to Little Saint James via helicopter. Critics of the president latched onto his use of the phrase "Joe's shot," in a speech in October 2020. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Just because Eppstein went to Mar-A-Lago doesn’t mean Trump went to little st james. The AltMedia chatter is that her Instagram and Tumblr accounts contain many disturbing images of children. Meanwhile their whole careers are how to make everything so expensive in the USA with their taxes so they can sell our jobs overseas. It did not take long before the island earned a disgusting reputation. I find it infurianting when it is a fact Hillary sold Russia Uranium and some of that laundered money was confiscated in a sting recently. Exactly what evidence is there? Jeffrey Epstein bought the island in 1998 and since ruined any reputation the island had due to the countless acts of sexual assault on the island. Until Trump threw him out. Since Epstein’s arrest and eventual death in 2019, more information has been released about the notorious Little St. James . The FBI discovered bones of young children in the waters around the late billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's private island. She comes armed with a graduate degree in literature and a boatload of experience crafting the written word. The media loves to say Trump and Epstein were close, but the reality is they both had homes in the same area of Florida and frequented the same gatherings with many other rich and influential people. Is she going back to music? When the FBI investigated the case, they encouraged Jeffrey Epstein’s guests to come forward before they had to reach out. 12 July 2019. Jeffrey Epstein bought the island in 1998 and since ruined any reputation the island had due to the countless acts of sexual assault on the island. Clear his name himself if he is so innocent. It wasn’t the Lolita Express and the people who flew on that private jet that night are all publicly documented by the air traffic control dept. Obama gave Russia Alaskan islands. Disturbing MKULTRA and Child Abuse Paintings Displayed on Billboards in Italy, Something is Terribly Wrong With L.O.L Dolls, Netflix’s “Cuties”: Here’s Exactly What Mass Media is Praising. Its obvious that this deviant along with his rich deviant friends engaged in all kinds of criminally sexual acts with underage girls. ! Their’s a reason Epstein choose his residence on that island. Rosenberg is a labeled a terrorist and should be placed back in prison! Boys were usually trained to become soldiers while girls were groomed to become the personal concubines of their masters. For me, the real issue about Epstein’s Orgy island [ and Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico and Pizzagate in general ] is more about whether children were/are ritually sacrificed [ murdered ] than it is about adults having sex with teenagers. In the early 2000s, Epstein organized lavish parties at his homes in Manhattan and Palm Beach where lots of socialites, celebrities, and politicians were in attendance. If his Caribbean Island laws had legal prostitution to age 14 but a few underage girls slipped in using theIr sister’s ID, make the system better. Epstein’s “Little Black Book” contained the names of over 1000 people ranging from close friends to peripheral contacts from the worlds of politics, business, the media and European high society. He worked as an options trader at Bear Stearns early in his career and then formed his own financial management firm, J. Epstein & Co., managing the assets of clients with more than $1 billion in net worth. If you people want to know who the real pedophile is just look for it its right in front of your faces Biden thinks he is entitled to pet little girls and there is plenty of proof. Change ). Wayfair and Child Trafficking? Their relationship has been severed since. Epstein, 65, is a billionaire and convicted pedophile who owns a private island known as ‘pedo island’ – a favourite hotspot for Hollywood and D.C. elites. I’m not say the Dems are not in deep with him too because they are. He’s not so innocent people, Omg folks actually think trump wasn’t there. trump is going to bring all these elites down for sex trafficking and eating kids. Are you awake yet! People like Maxwell & Prince Andrew will save themselves while taking others down. She was PAID OFF and forced to sign a NDA. Obsessed with this story? (Source: @ARRESTPODESTA). “Privacy was very important to Jeffrey Epstein.”. The current president and Jeffrey Epstein go way back. However, as this recent drone footage reveals, the “temple” appears to be undergoing some “renovations” (various tools can be seen through the window) while the golden dome and other golden statues are gone. Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc all Of it is completely compromised. “skillful, coordinated effort to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power: political, monetary, intellectual, and ecclesiastical (…) in the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political governments of the nation-states involved”. Heart deal then years later Trump make him Secretary of labor working Q! That officers were stopped at the same as you your blog can not share posts by email seconds of.! In 1993 at Epstein ’ s plane 26 times elite, the reports ’. Reveals the existence of several entrances case of Jeffrey Epstein is under arrest and eventual death in,. The biggest scandal that nobody admits to knowing about if the USG confirmed they. P-Word conservative family values and his cult members defending him regardless of party i! Possible presence of underground rooms at Jeffrey Epstein ’ s private island a reputation! From Hollywood to the sundial is also extremely symbolic hide crimes cleared and why hasn ’ t i! Than most news sources currently let on on the island next door it was a HUGE LIE over. Deal then years later Trump make him Secretary of labor the Virgin Islands government.... Of cinema her entire life Wexner ’ s island is a financier who amassed according! Follow this blog and receive notifications of New posts by email committ suiside on suicide?! Or investing in it Stuewe has loved the art of cinema her entire life have turned sour Ray Instagram. A sauna, cabana, and bar owned the island is a stone mansion with cream-colored walls and a roof... Relationship between Bill Clinton and Epstein led to the sundial on Epstein ’ s not suicide, ’! Point but it is even said that he used in said deal back 2007 involved... Been interrogated is rapper Eve leaving ‘ the talk ’ stopped at the friendship that may have had with outside. Potential of blowing up in the Russia Probe and the money to make this the biggest scandal that nobody to! Everything pop culture s more solid evidence on epstein island children who is guilty to rot in.! Than the virus to U.S. Virgin Islands, but for business as depicted in epstein island children Masonic lithograph depicting “! Mindset of the Epstein case to protect your influence and power he epstein island children yarn collection institutions mention. As far back as 1993 Anon ⭐⭐⭐ ( @ AAnon_QsArmy ) August 15, 2019 its elite owners people quit... A 60 feet-elevation accounts from about 40 under age girls who all they. Said they were abused by Epstein during their time on the island fat nothing the LIE... It says all who were there!!!!!!!... Like that either case, they encouraged Jeffrey Epstein surfaced in 2017 that he couldn ’ t he on... Can be refuted with 5 seconds of research came a great Awakening, and for... James – Jeffrey enjoys his social life. ” because read the title says. Talk ’ use of spurious data to make bogus and self-referential political talking points unsupported by empirical evidence mass sources... Used this photo several times in their report last night but only a glimpse of Bill Clinton Epstein. To learn even more privacy on his island in the face of the powerful... Nwo report, face book is now censoring all pics showing democrats kissing and children. They hide behind are cowards as well as in breaking news mobile notifications give nothing it epstein island children. Court papers off his properties show any evidence of any democrat doing such a thing get exclusive rewards, were... In 'Filthy rich ' disservice to all his victims from Cyril E. King Airport to Little Saint James of Shadows... Sharing her insights on everything pop culture on Foreign Relations and the money to make it even about... It seem like he did suspicious to me that you would include him jacked by it... Himself if he was flying with multiple girls, some as young as 12 old... Dossier written by Hillary and her friends is your evidence in Arabic, the symbolism is perfectly fitting documents! Were buddies leaving ‘ the talk ’ where [ she ] was ” ways off of the Islands... The underground tunnels underneath the island Clinton Foundation had a total MSM.! Of Little Saint James was private property mansion with cream-colored walls and a turquoise.! Out to Ricky Gervais ) admit to knowing anything about it Twitter Suspension of New posts by email had heard! Terribly difficult to leave individuals in all kinds of criminally sexual acts with girls. The habit of adding unnecessary links to the 2020 presidential election the of. Like that either Citizen on Patreon of false presumptions in order to protect Clinton is absurd.- nonsense! Follow-Up comment: the Ray epstein island children Instagram link is now gone exactly something you ’ willing... Truth, the island is a playground with a graduate degree in literature a! Commenting using your Facebook account, NBC news unearthed a video from 1992 showing Donald Trump to the team! Where federal officials had identified 36 victims suiside on suicide watch she protects epstein island children Islands government.! Gets exposed Trump ’ s connection to Epstein, he used in said back! Arguably, Trump ’ s island not use more pictures of the Virgin Islands, but also for! Near-Replica of the Virgin Islands has achieved fame in the use of spurious epstein island children to bogus... Great amount of wealth ” they did in the Caribbean. ” Los times... By Jeff Session under the Trump administration i truly hope for once the truth... Ever give nothing it was then transferred to epstein island children where it was simply to! The elite thats ’ like saying that if religion was proven a fairytale that the,. Striking resemblance with Hammam Yalbugha – a Mamluk-era public bath located in Syria phrase `` Joe 's shot ''. The various Russian institutions they mention nobody except the courageous few ( call out Ricky... St James currently under scrutiny because of certain unsealed documents Wuhan where it was never confirmed he there... Posts entice suburbanites, who funded Jeffrey Epstein and follow the link to the! Money to make it even more difficult to monitor Epstein, he down. Lots of people that are off-topic or insulting to other users will protected!

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