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Join the Ugrad CSE Slack Channel but make sure to use your @cs address which should be your uwnetid@cs.uw.edu, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering Examples: The Communication major offers a Journalism option. you attend an Allen School orientation session. To achieve this goal, the Allen School has a new transcriptable option in Data Science to be added to the Computer Science major; students who complete all of the required coursework will have the option listed on their transcript upon graduation, Preparing for Industry: Suggested Computing Specializations, SOC 225 Data & Society (either 3cr or 5cr version) (3-5). Bill & Melinda Gates Center, Box 352355 Major Exploration. To accept our offer of admission, continue reading!

Webmaster: support at cs.washington.edu, Computer Engineering degree program accredited by ABET, Undergraduate Advising: ugrad-adviser at cs.washington.edu Psychology offers B.A. 185 E Stevens Way NE

Directions, Student Services:

They can email ugrad-advisor@cs.washington.edu and include the CSE course(s) with SLNs they are interested in taking along with your student number. We are thrilled to have you join the Allen School community!

My CSE; Courses; CSE410: Computer Systems. You must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.50 across the placement requirements to remain in good academic standing in the CoE and to be eligible to request placement in a major. You can also sign-up on the UW's Notify system to hear when space is free.

You are not required to take CSE courses in your first quarter as a CSE major, and class space may be limited by the time you register. *Students interested in IE must complete one of AMATH 301, CSE 142, or CSE 160. Our labs and facilities offer a premier learning and gathering environment where you can work hard individually and with others interested in learning how computing technology can … Paul G. Allen Center, Box 352350 Main Tel: (206) 543-1695 The change in policy will not affect the UW’s two branch campuses, in Bothell and Tacoma, which also offer computer science.

The Allen School is recognized as one of the top computing programs in the world: we have passionate faculty, exciting research, great job prospects for our students, and a supportive community. More than 100 companies attend our Autumn and Winter career fairs to recruit CSE majors.

See Creating Your Educational Plan for courses required by each department for graduation. The UW Physics degree offers four options: Comprehensive, Applied, Teacher Preparation, and Biological Physics. The CE degree is awarded through the College of Engineering and is accredited by ABET. The change in policy, known in academia as “direct to major,” will affect high-school students who are preparing to apply to the UW this fall for entry as freshmen in fall 2019. Seattle, WA 98195-2355, Contact us: Graduate (Ph.D.) Advising: grad-advising at cs.washington.edu, Copyright © 2017-2019 University of Washington - Seattle - 185 E Stevens Way NE Our graduates work in education, the arts, law, and countless other areas. The Allen School offers direct exchanges with four partner universities: KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden; ETH Zurich and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland; and Saarland University in Saarbrücken, Germany. General email address for CSE advising questions, : View upcoming events and our drop-in advising hours each quarter, : Connect with our advising team including staff and peer advisers through drop-in advising or by appointment.

Seattle, WA 98195-2350 There are a variety of resources available to help you connect with companies seeking interns, and CSE 301 offers the opportunity to earn credit for completing an internship.

Though officially tentative, you can safely plan based on this schedule. However, on the application a student can choose only one — either a major in computer science or a spot in the College of Engineering.

will automatically be coded as a CS or CE major upon entry into the university. The change in policy follows a similar change made last spring for students majoring in engineering, another popular major that also turns away many applicants because there is not enough space in the program.

Alumni also pursue graduate school and research in other areas, from business to biology. Channel but make sure to use your @cs address which should be your uwnetid@cs.uw.edu.

Engineering works a little differently. CSE is also highly interdisciplinary: with courses from more than 150 UW departments and schools to choose from, you will have ample opportunity to explore all of your interests!

The Allen School offers a variety of exciting, and sometimes challenging, opportunities for undergraduate students to enhance their educational experience, through hands-on experiences and activities to develop their leadership skills.

The UWCSEA community is drawn from around 80 countries, and although the learning programme is …

Paul G. Allen Center, Box 352350

CSE 427 Computational Biology (3) CSE 455 Computer Vision (4) CSE 484 Computer Security (4) CSE 447 Natural Language Processing (4) The main courses required to complete the Data Science option are already among the listed “CSE Core Courses” that Computer Science majors chose from to fulfill the degree requirements. Effective fall quarter 2016, the Allen School offers a Data Science option for Computer Science majors. Seattle, WA 98195-2355, Contact us: For those students who are considering a double major, see below for an explanation of exceptions to our standard degree requirements. These exchanges enable you to experience studying abroad while fulfilling CSE degree requirements. There’s a significant overlap between computer science and computer engineering, Grossman said, but computer science is offered through the College of Arts & Sciences and has more flexible degree requirements. Students looking to apply to computer engineering require the following set of placement requirements: © 2020 UW College of Engineering | Seattle, WA, Additional course requirement to be eligible to request placement in this major.
Based on the courses I've taken for my CS minor, they overlap with the courses needed to declare a CS major at UW If you need more time or want to discuss your options, please email ugrad-advisor@cs.washington.edu.

The Allen School offers two undergraduate majors: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CS) and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (CE).

The UW’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) serves over 1,500 undergraduates in our two majors, and many more through our introductory and non-major courses. Students who complete the survey after the deadline will be coded into the major as soon as possible after that. Campus Resources. You should receive an email with information on how to set up your CSE computing account. University of Washington - Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, Box 352350 Seattle, WA 98195-2350 (206) 543-1695 voice, (206) 543-2969 FAX, UW Privacy Policy and UW Site Use Agreement. Computer science is such a fast-growing, popular major at the University of Washington’s Seattle campus that two-thirds of the freshmen and sophomores who apply don’t get in. Media Inquiries: media at cs.washington.edu The Allen School also serves as an entry point for students across the UW campus to explore the world of computing with courses designed to enable all students, regardless of major, to develop computational thinking and hands-on programming skills.

uide developed by Allen School student leaders to introduce incoming students with Allen School resources.

In addition, UW has hundreds of other options for studying abroad if you are interested in pursuing electives or general education requirements in another country. The only people I have met who have gotten into CS have had a 3.9-4.0 in the two CS pre requisite classes (CSE 142 and 143) at UW.

Research Opportunities. To accept our offer of admission, continue reading! They also work with student researchers who want real experience creating new technology. Directions, Student Services:

Duties vary depending on the course and the instructor, but they may include conducting quiz section meetings, hosting exam review sessions, preparing course materials and assignments, and holding regular office hours for tutoring students. I have a friend who transfered to UW and had a 3.95 gpa and 4.0'd all his CS and Math classes and did not get into the CS major. If you are still unable to access your account, contact the support staff. The Allen School encourages undergraduate majors to engage in research alongside faculty and graduate students to experience the excitement and the challenge of scientific discovery while receiving credit towards their degree. The CSE410 Web: © 1993-2020, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Univerity of Washington. No credit to students who have completed 378 or 451.

Our students start with the basics in our popular introductory programming courses — no prior experience required! CSE332: Data Structures and Parallelism.

Directions, Student Services: Though officially tentative, you can safely plan based on this schedule. are happy to talk with you individually after you have completed an orientation.

A grade of 2.0 or above is needed for each course required for placement. Our faculty regularly earn top scores in the College of Engineering’s student course evaluations, so you can be confident you will learn from the best. You will need to fulfill a General Education component, a Mathematics and Science component, and a Computer (Science or Engineering) component that consists of required classes and senior electives.

The overall number of credits required for the Computer Science degree is the same.

CE's requirements place relatively greater emphasis on math and science, as well as computing hardware.
Most staff are working remotely and available via email. The Data Science and Society Seminar (SOC 225), or approved substitution (contact CSE advising), counts as a CSE Senior Elective. Main Tel: (206) 543-1695

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