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EDIT: First stage being the part where you see the three different partis popping up out of the ground. I don't know if you need something specific or something. Ugh... to get a stance for glaives... Seriously~? Alternate mods Primed Fury can be dropped for Quickening with about 20% DPS loss or Primed Reach for more range. I'd love to be able to shield bash enemies - particularly Grineer, Perhaps DE could implement shield bash for all sword and weapons as an alt attack? Thx for the help! They added dual wielding for single secondaries and thrown melee right? Final Harbinger is probably the best love letter DE has ever given to any single weapon, let alone an entire weapon type, in the game. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. On 2018-03-13 at 8:55 PM, MirageKnight said: Show the sword and shield weapons some love. That said, the high range on Scythes alongside their stances make this weapon archetype equally fun and devastating to wield. I like the whole spear and shield idea. Also, why not more variations? Thanks to everyone on the Reddit and Official Warframe forums who posted any information about stance mods. The nice thing about the slower attack speed is by the time you get berserker on there the synergy with the combos is just amazing. That leaves us with two high-end sword/shield, one of which is currently stuck behind 700 day login reward. Pretty close to sortie level stuff I believe. It could be a … A golden stance or even a skin. Includes: Cronus, Dakra Prime, Dark Sword, Ether Sword, Heat Sword, Jaw Sword, Mire, Pangolin Sword, Plasma Sword, Skana, Skana Prime, Includes: Dex Dakra, Dual Cleavers, Dual Ether, Dual Heat Swords, Dual Ichor, Dual Kamas, Dual Skana, Dual Zoren, Nami Skyla, Includes: Ceramic Dagger, Dark Dagger, Heat Dagger, Karyst, Sheev, Includes: Ether Daggers, Fang, Fang Prime, Includes: Kama, Machete, Machete Wrath, Prova, Nami Solo, Prova Vandal, Includes: Ankyros, Ankyros Prime, Furax, Mk1-Furax, Includes: Glaive, Glaive Prime, Halikar, Kestrel, Includes: Amphis, Bo, Bo Prime, Mk1-Bo, Tripedo, Includes: Tonbo, Orthos, Orthos Prime, Serro, Includes: Ether Reaper, Hate, Reaper Prime, Includes: Galatine, Gram, Scindo, Scindo Prime. Imo, the first chargeattack should contain the shieldbash, which should knock down and back the enemy. So, I was messing around with what might be a glitch that allows you to block while winding up a charge attack, and it got me wondering what if there was sword and shield stance that allowed you to block and attack at the same time. Feel free to post praise, hate and info in the comments and I'll update it. It is only visible to you. Which is a very rare drop from Drekar Manics, which only spawn during the Tyl Regor fight. I just put 2 forma on the ack and brunt. Never been my interest in the game. Give Eleventh Storm some good procs and damagemultipliers (while Final Harbinger is about speed and multihits instead, like now), then swap around their oddly inaccurate descriptions, and I think we'd be happy! And in order to get it's full potential, you need a stance. Happy hunting. A guide on Melee Stance mods. FH + Sigma & Octantis turns me into a blender set to puree and it's satisfy to see enemies get hacked to bits...but I feel like I'm break-dancing half the time which kills the mood a bit. Agreed. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. @Depurgatus Yes, actually. By I just got the Silva & Aegis, plus the Endura rapier. I could easily play this if it was all stick figures. 123. The second chargeattack could then be some very powerful leap-attack with the weapon, to follow up the shieldbash's knockback. Most Tenno know the best place to farm mods is either Defence or Survival missions depending on your tastes. All rights reserved. A guide on Melee Stance mods. I might just do a run tonight to test it but I'm pretty certain I can run all the way up to level 150 enemies super easy without having any sort of drop off or slowing down. Depending on either of the two stances you put on it, that'll change the combos you get. I think Swords & Shields should have a bit more of an emphasis on defense, or at least a new stance that perhaps has a reduction in frontal damage taken baked into some of the combos. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. I would like to see a golden stance mod for them and perhaps also a skin. In the slot, you can only put stance mods into it. Lephantis, first stage. and the other stance, which has less mobility and tricks, some shield bashes, etc. (has 10 sec cooldown). Mobile Defence excellent if you don't want to be stuck in a level for a long time. Final Harbinger should be a gold stance, but I wouldn't object to another stance...IF it was the same quality. -90% time to make a charge attack, charge attacks deal only x1.5 damage, charge attacks push the player towards where they aim covering 10m range and damaging everything in range. Also, fyi, Eleventh Storm has a shieldbash, but it's the LAST hit on its lengthiest combo (with a really bad hitbox to boot). 8 Sword And Shield This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. So, I was messing around with what might be a glitch that allows you to block while winding up a charge attack, and it got me wondering what if there was sword and shield stance that allowed you to block and attack at the same time. It could be a great way to utilize all those passives and augment mods that sword and shield weapons have, if you don't want to just stand there and only block for a while. Spear and Shield would be amazing to have, just an actual Spear would be a nice addition as well. If you want to use your sword and shield to hide from enemies in a game where you just mow them down, just build it with with blocking mods (Guardian Derision, Reflection, Reflex Guard, Electromagnetic Shielding, Avenging Truth, etc.) Please see the. (XB1)NeoLegendDrake, March 7, 2018 in Weapons. Something that bothers me with the swords and shields is their stances. 3 Forma | 300 Platinum | 145640 Endo - TL;DR - Jump in & attack with basic combo. Make Eleventh Storm even somewhat up to par with Final Harbinger, and I'd be a happy Sword & Shield user :). I have a real hard time with this on most other weapon types. ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Basically one mode turns the weapon into a standard sword and shield and alt fire makes it a two handed weapon with high block % since the shield part is integrated into it. I have no thoughts, whatsoever, on skins and tennogens. © Valve Corporation. And the only place to get the arguably best stance for sword/shield would be Final Harbinger. We almost had a Halberd but then they went and made it doubled-ended thing. Not really sure where you might be having trouble making them more viable to be honest,  if you could elaborate on that a bit. Any ideas in which planet survival, defence or excavation that I might find them in? They don't seem to be at the point where it gets all iffy cuz you're moving too fast. Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. I love the way they work in game but there feels like there is something missing with them to make the other sword and shield More viable. I've gotten pretty good at chaining any combo I wish one right after another repeatedly. Also like i said. I'll set my goal to leave on the first death, we'll see how far it can carry me. Or, make the Swords & Shields class able to block 90% of incoming damage, instead of the 85% it shares right now alongside the Hammers, Heavy Blades, Machetes, Polearms, and Scythes. There could be some combos like a couple sword thrusts while your shield is up, blocking while you're winding up for a powerful attack, and maybe a shield bash that knocks away projectiles and can parry melee attacks.

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