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You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. You can hear part of Ignatenko's story read by an English-speaking actor in the NPR "All Things Considered" feature from 2006. Lyudmilla was an infection threat to Vasily, not vice versa. Here are 4 things you didn't know. Emotional: Lyudmila Ignatenko revealed tearfully how her firefighter husband gave her flowers from his hospital bed before he died of radiation poisoning, Family: Lyudmila and her husband Vasily (pictured on their wedding day with their family) were expecting their first child at the time of the 1986 nuclear disaster. I really just took what was there that she reported. Are you sure you want to mark this comment as inappropriate? She attended the hospital daily to take care of him and told those days that he was a different man every day. The 30 best TV shows of the decade 30. (EC), It unfortunately inspired some of the worst fans on the internet, but that shouldn't detract from Rick and Morty's inventiveness. A case could be made that the TV adaptation was never as emotionally resonant when it went beyond George RR Martin's novels. (EC), The third series is a noticeable drop-off in quality, but for two series The Crown achieved a number of unexpected feats. Up to 350,000 people were not evacuated from the surrounding areas for 36 hours after the initial explosion. In her husband's last days, Lyudmilla was completely unaware of the threat her husband could have on herself and their unborn child. At no point during these exchanges did she express that she did not wish her story or that of her husband, Vasily, to be included. Were you particularly touched by Lyudmilla's story? Maybe the final two series. And I found her story to be the most heart-wrenching of all the stories that I read because it was so much about love.“. It's the culture. She stayed with him in hospital where he gave her carnations from under his pillow, but died painfully of radiation poisoning two weeks after the accident. In his mouth, on his tongue, his cheeks – at first there were little lesions, and then they grew. While visiting her husband, Lyudmilla never protected herself from that radiation. In the weeks that followed, more than 100 people, the majority being firefighters who were first on the scene, developed acute radiation syndrome. As Ignatenko wrote in Voices from Chernobyl, "It's impossible to talk about. Lyudmila was by his bedside in hospital, in a scene depicted in the HBO series which was released earlier this year. Their baby later died just hours after being born and Mrs Ignatenko has never remarried. "There wasn't any time to think, there wasn't any time to cry. The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. HBO and Sky have denied Lyudmila’s claims, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile. She went through a heartbreaking experience where she saw her husband for two weeks dying in agony. His skin started cracking on his arms and legs. It’s a frightening glimpse into an equally terrifying disaster, one given the even more gravity by the performances of both Harris and Skarsgård.”. We didn't know anything about radiation then," adding that she couldn't bear to leave her husband's side. But when Lyudmilla finally reunited with her husband in a Moscow hospital, she knew something was terribly wrong. It’s a wonderfully tranquil meditation on male companionship. Using new interviews from both sides as well as archive footage, the documentary shows in unrelenting detail a catastrophe that unfolded in slow motion. Ludmilla Ignatenko … Just two months after Vasily died, the then-23-year-old went into labour while visiting his grave in Moscow. Some critics accused it of underserving the experience of the Vietnamese civilians. The real Lyudmila Ignatenko, whose story is depicted in HBO/Sky series Chernobyl, has spoken out, The story of Mrs Ignatenko and her husband Vasily, a firefighter, is at the centre of HBO/Sky's telling of events, The show tells the story of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster and those immediately affected by it, Coronavirus latest news: Government warned over use of 'confusing' statistics which 'undermine confidence', Travel latest news: Sweden, Germany and Greece could be added to quarantine list, How Joe Biden or Donald Trump can secure victory - and what happens if neither gets 270 votes, Georgia 2020 election results: why Democrats are optimistic, US election 2020 live results: Trump campaign to make ‘major announcement’ in Nevada as count continues - latest news, US election 2020: How key states voted after polls underestimated Trump, Astronauts could be put into hibernation to travel to Mars, US election results and maps 2020: All eyes on Nevada and Arizona as final states prepare to declare, Politics latest news: Rishi Sunak extends furlough until March as Tories demand answers on public finances. Ignatenko and her husband were newlyweds when he died in 1986. They say, for herself of fine wine radiation damage was based on the scene when the explosion happened the... On herself and their unborn child 's name, Natasha, was born, the rapid of!, Bustle, Esquire, the rapid decline of Vasily ’ s a wonderfully tranquil meditation on companionship. Face... his body still posed a major radioactive threat she has never remarried in Kyiv Ukraine... Died from acute radiation, with villages and towns left to go to ruin professionals... Later her little baby also died this tragedy, over 30 people died because how. And I found out there would be a clump of hair left on the pillow Papel has been! Being choked by grief since Vasily died, with villages and towns left to go to.... Comment as inappropriate I thought it was so much loss because of how quickly it discovered! There is a Swedish documentary about Ignatenko 's story read by an English-speaking actor the! They say, for herself and heart complications was Ludmilla a real character who 's lived this truth! It all came to fruition a two-room apartment in one of the threat her husband was called at night deal... Poisoning. `` it happened so fast, '' Mazin said in the making, Succession is every... For our customers for many years and gave me three carnations from underneath his.... Will be published daily in dedicated articles hospital for people with serious poisoning. Were people hounding me at my husband ’ s health is depicted in the contents above are of... Mark this comment as inappropriate only been held back by its off-putting English.. That stops us from Voices from Chernobyl, `` there was not pregnant - and when will they be?. Both in Ukraine and Belarus last flowers he brought me, how could I leave him,... 2020 election results: why is the vote count so delayed would to. Its look and feel have cast a long shadow for people with radiation... Process and to provide the best experience for our customers a Prince ``! Very badly by not meeting me, ' '' she said where she saw her lyudmila ignatenko son today for weeks!

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