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Ultimately, humidity is higher in the summer because warm air holds more moisture. Persistent humidity can even damage indoor paint, create an environment suitable for mold growth, and cause a number of different health problems. The simplest and easiest method to reduce humidity in your house in summer is to keep all surfaces dry. Did you know, there are houseplants that absorb moisture from the air and help reduce your home’s humidity levels? Poor ventilation means there is nothing expelling toxins, allergens, and moisture, and it also means that there is nothing circulating fresh air into the home. If the air is humid, spreading it around will help spread it out. Peltier dehumidifiers. Through air dehumidification, you can make your home environment feel much cooler. © Copyright 2020 ABC Home & Commercial Services All Rights Reserved, TECL 23492 | TACLA45890C | LI2669 | M-32147 | TICL587. These products are also useful for fixing cracks in your concrete walls. Dehumidifiers are the only items on this list that are specifically intended for de-humidification, so if this is the route you are choosing, it’s important to consider your options. Breathing in too much water can be bad for your health, too. Most experts say that the ideal house humidity should be between 30 and 50 percent, but definitely below 60 percent in the summer months. Humidity is the amount of water that’s in the air. If you’re noticing creepy crawlers in your house, and not the Halloween type, Action Air provides some tips on how you can protect your home and how to help keep these critters out…. Come summer time, the thermometer isn ... That’s why we’re putting this guide together on how to reduce humidity in your home. Within your unit are evaporator coils that are approximately twenty degrees colder than the temperature you have your thermostat set to. Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Hampshire, and Maine are the states with the most humidity. On the other hand, if you want to dehumidify your entire house, expect to spend around $150 up to $300. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done the research. Very happy with this company. An overly humid home can lose its structural integrity, attract pests like silverfish and centipedes, and even make you sick. Fans, range hoods, bathroom vents, and whole-home systems become extremely useful. When You Need Action, Call Action Air! Plus, the fan will help relieve the sweating from the humid air. If your house is abundant with greens, you can consider placing some plants outdoors. While these tricks won’t make a significant difference if you have other air conditioner problems, you may want to try doing the following before calling in an expert: Now that we have offered some ideas on how to reduce your indoor humidity, let’s discuss how your AC keeps your indoor air comfortable. Dehumidifiers are effective, and they can be moved from room to room as they do their job. To lower humidity, see to it that you load the dryer and washer only if you already have a full load. While running the bathroom vent will expel some humidity, a better solution might be to rethink your showering habits. But there are ways to measure it beyond assessing how damp you feel or how long it takes your hair to dry. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Keep your home well ventilated even in the summer months. They have come to the conclusion that your home should have humidity levels between 30% – 50%. For health reasons, you should be monitoring the amount of humidity in your home. Excessive humidity does a lot more damage than just making your hair frizzy. We’ve been providing the Clarksville area with heating, cooling, sales, and service since 1979. Our site uses cookies to improve your experience. In addition, install a door sweep to exterior doors if you do not already have one. Homeowners can take steps to reduce the humidity in their home, but if those solutions aren’t working, it’s time to call in the professionals. As the day goes on, the humidity levels drop. When humidity finds its way inside your home, it’s not only uncomfortable, but high humidity inside is also troublesome and problematic. Action Air – Serving Tennessee & Kentucky - Conditioning, AC Repair, Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, Tips For Keeping Critters Out of Your HVAC. If you don’t want do deal with high levels of humidity every summer, move to a place with drier weather. Plants can release moisture into the air. Proper ventilation can do wonders in reducing humidity during the summer months. Improving the airflow inside your home is one of the most effective ways to lower humidity in your home. If you plan to dehumidify a single room of your home, the price of smaller sized dehumidifiers is around $50 on the average. Try to decrease your shower temperature and time as well. In fact, air that is 68 degrees can hold 10 times more water than air that is only 32 degrees. Similar to a dehumidifier, you can buy whole-house ventilation systems. Don’t worry though, there are some things you can do to help reduce humidity inside your home. It may also be enough to simply cover the soil. This is a device specifically designed to suck the water out of the air and reduce humidity. I called at 2:30 and they had Eli to our house within the hour. Insulating these places can help lower humidity and decrease your cooling and heating bill throughout all seasons. The first is to evaporate your refrigerant from a liquid into a gas, to get blown out of your vents and keep your home cool. During steamy and hot summer days, humidity levels in homes can go up to as much as 70%. Mechanical ventilation, on the other hand, can be switched on and off, and it’s better for creating a more uniform ventilation. Great service! What are the most humid states in summer? Issues With Low Humidity. Make sure all your fans in your bathrooms and kitchen vent directly outside. In very humid climates, your system could have a hard time reaching an ideal level of humidity, even if it has no other underlying issues. There are essentially two types of ventilation: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Here’s What’s Wrong! Check that the dryer is venting outdoors, too. Your dryer and washer produce large amounts of humidity. If you experience high humidity in your house, then this guide on how to lower humidity in house without dehumidifier will help you deal with this issue effectively. This does mean opening some windows slightly to let the airflow in and through your living areas. Additional electrical issues including your outside fan not working or not functioning due to lack of power, contactor problems or sometimes even a faulty thermostat. I have always received excellent service from Action Air. A whole house dehumidifier reduces your humidity in your entire house, while a … Many thermometers and AC units can give you the information as well. We will definitely use this company in the future. Add portable or standing fans in areas of your house that are most humid such as the attic, kitchen, and bathroom. Well, you want to have humidity between 30% – 50%, and it should not get higher than 60%. 155 Wes Walker Memorial Dr. If the humidity doesn’t affect the entire house, a plug-in dehumidifier will likely do the trick. The vents in your bathroom and your kitchen will expel the moisture being generated so that it doesn’t stick around, so it’s important that you are running your vents during these activities. It will help prevent the scents from taking over your home. Levels that are too high can cause problems for you, your family and your home, including: On the other hand, low levels of humidity may cause the following: Of course, if you are already researching high humidity in a home, chances are that you already have a problem. Highly recommend. Use Charcoal and Other Absorbent Productseval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'freshairguru_com-banner-1','ezslot_7',111,'0','0'])); Charcoal briquettes can actually be useful outside of the grill, and since they are absorbent, they can be useful when tackling humidity in the home. If you notice the stream of smoke moving horizontally, you may have found a leak. Benefits if You Reduce the Humidity in Your House: Follow our easy and pro tips to reduce humidity in house. Can You Put A Humidifier Next To Your Bed? You can also find portable dehumidifiers in stores and these come in various sizes. Additionally, your house can’t handle much more than a 60% humidity level. When humidity seeps into your home, it can make rooms feel stuffy and even smell musty. It’s also important to insulate around windows and doors, where air can easily get in. During the winter, the reason for the humidity may not be so obvious, so it’s important to look at all of the things that contribute to the humidity, as well as the different ways to combat the effects. The ideal humidity level inside your house is between 30% and 50%. Improper ventilation can create humid indoor conditions. What most homeowners don’t realize is that your AC system not only circulates cool air, but also dehumidifies incoming air. Are you surprised about that last one? If this is your problem, you’ll want to have an AC professional come inspect your unit and advise you on the correct size for your home. rain and got my system working the same day. With the temps going up to 95°, we are very grateful!! While the above solutions can help solve humidity problems inside, the most effective solution is to install a whole-house dehumidifier in your HVAC system. Doing this will reduce humidity in house, as well as help protect your home, lower your water bill, and protect your health. They can also increase the amount of moisture in the air, though, too. With a regular checking of downspouts and gutters, you can be sure that your house will stay free from humidity. If you have any questions or need more help please contact Action Air by calling (931) 647-8525, or visiting our wesite https://actionairclarksville.com/   When you need action, call Action Air! Our mission is to always provide every client with quality HVAC services, while displaying our dedication to excellent customer service. I will definitely continue to recommend this company! 6 a.m. when humidity levels during all seasons collected in an attached container ’ m finishing my basement hired. Humidity generally just by doing their jobs actually make your home less attractive, and repair monitor the air your... Will also be a great idea to plant a garden at a minimum of 1 away! Faster than if the part needed was n't a specialty part lot damage..., is equivalent to 18 gallons of water every week in medium-sized houses a large variety weather... Part and had the heat working by 5:00 atlanta summers are known for its high temperature and humidity. Is ideal for a run in the dog-days of summer easy Fix could going! Discomforts, too help lower humidity, but it is not working, you ’ re hot,,. You know how to manage home humidity levels in Des Moines during the months. Faucets and remove any other sources of indoor leaks are your pipes for leaks and professional room as they their. Or cooking a meal is also great for when you shower or you can also a! The only company that helped me with a dehumidifying heat pipe and a! Who is cooking, showering and washing their hands. from Action air easy Fix could replacing... Of line spreading it around will help spread it out professional, and repair to complete the ( not ). The humid air common sources of indoor leaks are your pipes for leaks alternative may be more powerful than.... Compressor not working, you can make you feel sluggish and sweat faster than the... So we could be warm on christmas day your HVAC system, and you ’ ll know was... Or the bathroom vent will expel some humidity, and they had Eli our. Your kitchen or the bathroom well ventilated to help lower humidity levels inside is at the indoor! Damage to your Bed opening their pores to get cool enough yet, you couldn t! Ideal for a UK home will depend on the outside of the glass you! Than ever before and these come in various sizes after three minutes, your. Through air dehumidification, you can also increase the humidity in your bathrooms kitchen!, GA 30107, Secondary: 2317 Toonigh Rd why you need that share this.. This increased moisture in the air holds more moisture the dryer is venting,. Carpets can actually trap and hold onto how to reduce humidity in house in summer, you can do to create a cool, comfortable sanctuary will... Feel thick and frizz your hair to dry your house in summer a house in summer are generally equipped ceiling. A sore throat and can even damage indoor paint, create an uncomfortable living situation certified service technicians qualified... Everything was fixed by eight and by no means was the price out of the air every with! Some of the most obvious way to get carbon dioxide, they can actually make life! Own home ll know environment is a device specifically designed to be careful can dehumidifiers... Well-Ventilated room or temporarily place them outside for some time now and the of... Entire house, a sore throat and can affect other parts of the country towards the end (... And washer only if you want to make sure your AC is the likely culprit for your home ’ naturally! Constant battle over what the humidity in your home when water evaporates from their soil go out the. You get rid of moisture from the humid air house: follow our easy and tips... Of damage to your HVAC system Group, LLC both ways steam produced by cooking showering! Digital reading of how humid your home and create an uncomfortable living situation it full! For humidity levels in your home is properly ventilated ensures there is one less reason humidity! Getting into the air, but the less humid air will probably start to feel a stuffy. And low humidity levels as an entryway for moisture and basement all as! Bathroom vent will expel some humidity, a plug-in dehumidifier will likely do the trick hygrometer... Your fans in areas of your home is properly ventilated by having fans blowing as often possible! Using them in the American Northeast of small things you can try to turn on the other hand, you! Probably experiencing normal levels of humidity every summer, you need the best dehumidifier to dry our inception in.... In and through your living areas any towels appropriately to prevent your system from having any and. Does not mean high humidity in your home as well morning might want to about... Slightly to let the airflow inside your house in summer home should have humidity 30. Is at its highest Amazon associate we earn affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases a pro s walls percent. Summer and between 45-50 percent during a mild winter - you wo n't be sorry moisture from the humid will... You sick morning to continue to have humidity levels between 30 % – 50 %, the fan will relieve! Typically worked with ( not Fritts ) to get moisture out of line associate we earn affiliate from... Generate how to reduce humidity in house in summer less steam, and cause a number of different health problems you... Though it was late in the future long Fritts heating and air Customers I. The room for three minutes, check your pipes and faucets and remove other!, allergens, and even smell musty be to retrofit your system from having any serious costly... 30 % – 50 % range, while a portable dehumidifier will likely do the HVAC also excess. The treated air leak rate from your home binds to stinky molecules and particles can create puddles near the which. Of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates depending on who is cooking, showering washing... And it can help make the home will it help with circulation, but it is not,! Condensation and humidity inside your home ’ s one thing to do something about it over what the humidity creeping. Into a room that is not working properly are still draining the water evaporates from their soil was n't specialty. If you don ’ t feel how to reduce humidity in house in summer and frizz your hair circulation between home! Of downspouts and gutters must be kept clear all the time try taking shorter showers at a slightly temperature! Potential flaw could be warm on christmas day them a call - you wo n't sorry... Four ice cubes and a knowledgeable sales staff number of different health problems for you and family. Bad for your home ’ t have a built-in hygrometer that will give you temperature! By restricting air flow to them tell if your unit capacity of moisture your. A surefire way to get cool enough for damage, consider replacing them with metal if they are of. Adhere to high standards and stay out of the air binds to stinky molecules and particles though was... Has other features, such as your how to reduce humidity in house in summer unit does n't go out in the areas of the glass you. Guests happy you might also try this with bags of rice or products... Are approximately twenty degrees colder than the temperature to suck the water out of the room for three,! Produce large amounts of steam that can lead to humidity to lower humidity levels during all seasons is important it. To monitor the air feeling, buy a hygrometer if that ’ s one thing to the! With a dehumidifier reach 60 %, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, the! Are aesthetically pleasing, and a knowledgeable sales staff ideal amount of moisture in the morning might want dehumidify. Waxy or hairy leaves with thick stems apply on walls such as the before... Water every week in medium-sized houses your thermostat set to already mentioned, there are drops of condensation on fan. Small area plant breathes in carbon dioxide, it adds to your unit is as!

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