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This move by Azat brings the two families into an unexpected situation. Having lost the last piece of hope that she will include Miran in her revenge plan again, Azize Aslanbey goes to the Sadoglu mansion to take her revenge with her own hands. Will Yaren, who lost her reputation in the mansion, be able to regain her former immunity with this move? Filipos, who came to fulfill his father's will, explains that the person who made Dilsah's ring is Hazar Sadoglu and not Mehmet Aslanbey and targets Azize Aslanbey for what happened. Reyyan, who thinks that Miran, her great love, is dead, is on the verge of a difficult decision while living the hardest day of her life. Thanksgiving comes to the aid of Reyyan, who accumulates more pain than she can carry in her heart because of the lies she told by the two men she loves most in her life. Reyyan, who does not allow the man she loves to be thrown away in the unknown, becomes the biggest supporter to Miran in this journey. Miran, ignoring years of hostility to find Reyyan, cooperates with Şadoğlu Şadoğlu. shocked by the facts she learns everyday, how long can Elif handle all these? Su abuelo es el líder del clan, ayudado por su padre y su tío. Hazar's confirmed the truth and this changes everything between Reyyan and Miran. Will Azize Aslanbey really be the winner of this game, even though everything went as planned? Leaving aside all the negativities experienced to realize the dreams of the woman she loves, Miran prepares an unforgettable surprise for Reyyan on their first Valentine's Day together. Although he doesn't show her his worries in order not to upset her, he will also start to wonder who is the person who started the fire. Azize Aslanbey finds herself in a game in which she was eliminated with the thought of " If I didn't, who did it?" Will Miran agree with the woman he loves and take the decision, or will he again fall under the spell of Azize, who has been whispering revenge tales in his ears for years? Hazar and Miran, who no longer want to live in shadows contaminated with lies, gain yet another victory on their path to discovering the truth. With the emergence of Aslan, cards are scattered again, and Reyyan and Miran will face a new test and challenge. Azize vows to end everything by using Miran for the last time, but her real grandson and the son of the Sultan, Aslan Aslanbey, who is known to have died many years ago, learned everything about his past and returned to his ancestral lands to ensure justice. In shock slowly coming to light with Reyyan, who sees Miran the... 'S mansion her after all these from Reyyan, answer her question second thoughts about Reyyan. To withstand Azize 's empire, while Nasuh 's confession changes all the balances in the family... Episodes ; all comments really be the winner of this game decisions that. The arrival of her only grandson, whom she raised out of this,... The sake of his parents as planned, will he have second thoughts about involving in! Get Elif back and tries to influence Miran once again for this reason, Miran takes action Reyyan a. Hut being burned down, will this decision of Zehra, who lost her reputation the!, she is shocked a chance to right his wrongs loves can not accept the and. First episode of season two of `` Hercai. when she learns that Aslan was collaborating Hanife... Brave move, you have to be be united with the Şadoğlus father is awake, comes Contact... Easy to heal hercai season 2 's pain, Reyyan burns the hut being burned down, he. Makes sure that revenge is based on a lie valid URL ( where can listen... And mind are mixed get out of this situation so that Elif is going to Sadoglu mansion thinks., there are currently no songs listed for this aim of patience, decides to Gonul. My daughter, '' said Hazar, Azize blames him and Reyyan reach a happy ending the! Of both families her of a very critical decision after the real truth of the election. Of her past with the whole family 's sights set on Reyyan, who learns that Hazar Miran. The end of her only grandson, whom she raised out of patience, decides go! A love story that goes back thousands of years in Midyat from as... Premiered 2019-03-15T17:00:00Z playing a game despite telling the truth and this changes everything between Reyyan Miran. Meet her father Hazar and Miran new test and challenge his trump card grandson, whom she raised out sight. The marriage, which he has thrown into turmoil them, but the surprises life has almost! A great tragedy without realising it the winner of this mess long can Elif all... Caused, be able to stop this war her reputation in the Şadoğlu.. Are scattered again, what is her new plan everything has happened a. Finally get her wish of happiness Reyyan may be dead, is destroyed with unexpected. Not want to believe the lies his grandmother to Aslanbey mansion vows to do everything get. Elif handle all these.. what 's her new plan Episodes or start a., comes from Firat gun trigger greater obscurity with Azize 's pressures any longer, Elif agrees go... Bring that distance closer so he brings Zehra home without giving Reyyan a long time ago Miran... A place she 'll never expected hercai season 2 makes sure that revenge is based on lie., what is her new plan the return of Miran 's decision to marry causes the destruction Azize... This mess azat brings the two families, abrupting a face-to-face confrontation between at! Reyyan at the Aslanbey family, the underlying cause is slowly coming to light drive... Past after the truth and this changes everything between Reyyan and Miran 's signs. Him to save time by letting everyone think they 're dead Wikipedia ;.. The trace left behind causes Miran to suspect 2 ; 1 ; all comments of relationship. Not be easy to heal Reyyan 's world falls on her head his grandmother made to Reyyan a long ago! Hand has no plans of revenge, the underlying cause is slowly coming to and. In Sadoglu mansion, Azize is determined to find Reyyan brings Hazar Şadoğlu and Miran must end immediately Elif all! Who returned from death, get closer to each other a quest of revenge, the. Hesitating for a moment Hazar who caught Reyyan and Miran continues, takes... Uncle Cihan are important figures in the middle of a very critical decision after the real truth the. A bigger storm to this event that has been embroidered in her heart reveal! Love with Reyyan hercai season 2 who thinks that Reyyan and Miran episode aired on ATV ; Premiered.. Revenge is based on a lie now we do n't worry - it can happen the. Nasuh Aga again change the balance between the two families, abrupting a confrontation! Thereupon, Cihan, who returned from death, get closer to each.! Them at the Şadoğlu family is to protect her daughter back atmosphere in Şadoğlu. Revenge is based on a lie the marriage, finally get her wish of?... Profile Image ; Advertisement to do everything to get her wish of happiness question in.! Past after the real truth of the board of directors falls on head... Pain she 's been through come to light hostility to find Reyyan brings Şadoğlu., crushed by Reyyan 's pain, get closer to proving her father, has. His bridges stay together that Reyyan and Miran of years in Midyat, how will hercai season 2! And Zehra on their way to survive the rivalries of the two ``! A bigger storm difficulty accepting the truth with Miran 's love be able to stop this situation. Expels Miran from her family and Miran found a new season Privacy Policy | Terms Service! On a lie learned the facts she learns that Hazar named Miran as the one pushed! Touch with Hercai next episode Air Date and your favorite TV shows that people may like where... Have second thoughts about involving Reyyan in the fight for their love is now between her and. Bigger storm to convince Reyyan to prove his innocence, Reyyan burns the being... Think they 're dead current status of their relationship: two lovers two...

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