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Oh and many manufactures today refer to their product as a hardtop sedan which in my opinion it is not. The cast-iron cylinder heads sport the correct “6” casting. The 70 however, had an aluminum intake and #6 heads. The dark blue finish is still presentable and the faded presence of the black W-31 body stripe, as well as the black hood accents, are still visible. It's been a great season for first-rate Oldsmobiles at RK Motors Charlotte. Finally, restoration efforts are covered through a series of photos and receipts that provide valuable insight into how the car was brought back to life. If you're in the market for an A-body Olds but none of those options moved you, take a look at this numbers-matching 1970 Cutlass S W-31. Also hood air induction and disc brakes are added. Those brakes tuck neatly behind chrome Super Sport wheels wrapped in F70-15 Firestone Wide Oval tires. This W-31 is equipped with a four-speed manual transmission, definitely a nice find. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',106,'0','0'])); As with the rest of the car, the predominantly white interior of the Cutlass is close to perfect. Nothing screams muscle car more than the ’70 line up across all makes, I read somewhere you could be nailed by the insurance just for having a four speed.. so if its going to need restoring I hardly think the claimed mileage even matters. While it is true these are limited number models, the cost to restore this after paying the asking price will put you upside down in a hurry. It was the best year for the W-31, but that still amounted to only 1,352 F-85s and Cutlass S variants with that engine option. The Big Three seemed to understand that the muscle-car era was a bubble that would eventually pop thanks to rising insurance costs and government regulations, so most of them set out to create cars with slightly less motor but an equal helping of visual sizzle. No, they’re not too common. What more could you ask for? Under the hood is the numbers-matching 350ci V8 engine. This is one of the cars I have always wanted, I’m pretty familiar with these cars, but this one is really going to cost you. The Rochester Quadrajet, PN 7040255 and specific to the W-31 automatic and manual transmission cars, is very valuable. Step past the Fisher Body door sill covers and clean black carpet, protected by rubber floor mats, covers the solid original panels below. Has 82k original miles. Unless you can do every bit of the work on it yourself you will find yourself extremely deep underwater on this one trying to bring it back. In effect, an argument could be made that they were not targeting, and possibly turning away, their best potential buyers. The core was the engine, so it was a performance package. During the second decade of the model’s run, the Olds Cutlass would take the position as the best selling American car for much of the 1970s and early 1980s. * These values are based off the 231 1970 Cutlasss that have been posted on this site. Fill out the form below to be contacted by RK Motors when a similar vehicle is available! What is the Greatest Automobile to Restore? Gorgeous car…. Original pieces include an owner's manual, a 1970 Olds brochure, and the Protect-O-Plate. A coupe is a 2door whether it as a pillar or not. The 1970 W-30 featured a 455 cubic inch 370 HP engine. The car underwent a repaint in 2007 in its original Nugget Gold. For sale factory 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass w31 Ram Air 4 Speed 391 posi Factory black on black car with white stripes no motor partial trans original rear end .solid frame. There is no photo of the driver’s side of the car so perhaps there is more of a problem there. get one insured if your life depended on Or subscribe without commenting. I question even a lot of pristine cars on Ebay the same way. JL7: Manual front disc brakes Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. There is quite a bit of metalwork required from what you can see, wait until you begin to peel back the onion. As a longtime collector, though, Jimmy had a spare "255" carburetor. A51: Strato bucket seats We agreed on an acceptable sale price. The aluminum intake, the #6 cylinder heads, Rochester Quadrajet carburetor, and twin air intakes via the fiberglass hood resulted in a claimed output of 325hp. Olds did indeed under- In 1972, the 4-4-2 became a Cutlass handling/appearance package, available with any offered V-8. The W-31 package did not include the red plastic inner fenders. Would be a pleasure for most to work on!! It's been a great season for first-rate Oldsmobiles at RK Motors Charlotte. The inline six alternative had a very limited following. “THIS IS A RARE 1970 CUTLASS W31. it. The base gear box for the Olds W-Machines is a fully synchronized, floor-shifted, heavy-duty three-speed manual. Of the three years for the W-31, the 70 is the one to own for it’s one year only components. Research indicates that there were about 1,300 W-31’s assembled in 1970 across all body styles. I helped a friend swap out the one in his ’67 442 using a curb in a suburban neighborhood, serving as a ramp, for under-car access. 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass W31 Tribute For Sale. The Connecting Rods as also specific to W-31 engines. Thank you for your interest! For 1970, the fiberglass hood generally associated with the W-30 4-4-2 became part of the W-31 package, along with similar striping. How hard would it be to change out the clutch or even rebuild the tranny for that $22k ask? According to the window sticker, the car shipped with the following options: W31: W-Machine package eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barnfinds_com-box-3','ezslot_0',143,'0','0'])); The owner of his 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass holds all of the relevant paperwork which confirms the authenticity of this W-31, and to look at the car, it is a stunning looking vehicle. Vista Cruiser. As 19sixty5 suggests that this car looks more like 149K vs. 49K. In front of the passenger, a Cutlass badge remind visitors they're in the presence of greatness. A decent quality paint job without body work can easily cost $10k and up by itself. Thanks! The interior is all available!! With its healthy small block and 442 good looks, this car is sure to draw a crowd wherever it's parked. The cost is going to be the same to restore and the 200k car owner knows its value is gone . The seller states, “The original motor starts up and runs good. In general, all high performance cars from the late 1960’s through 1971 are popular collector cars. It is located in Trumbull, Connecticut, and is listed for sale here at Hemmings. Andy was asking for information about how to fix the harmonic balancer on the 350 in his 1970 Cutlass, a detail Jimmy recognized as "a rare part that only came on the W-31 cars.". Personally, I would find it extremely hard to part with this … Notify me of new comments via email. Factory Tach doesn’t appear to be missing, where would it go? I have heard a number of things over the years….just wondering if we have knowledgeable eyes reading this that can explain it. All this said, if I was in the market for a 70 W-31, I would have this one inspected and make a offer on it. The front of the engine spins all the standard hardware while a correct Harrison radiator and fan keep the 350 cool. no way. I would rather have a clean all together 200,000 mile car than one claiming such low mileage with everything worn out. I agree. It is a bucket seat/no console environment, which is not encountered that often, though the shifter boot bezel is missing. public what the REAL horsepower rating 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass W-31 The Oldsmobile Cutlass first came on the scene as a 1961 1/2 model. Many Oldsmobile enthusiasts say that the declining sales were in fact caused by the “this is not your father’s Oldsmobile” campaign”. Between the seats, the factory center console starts with an elevated armrest/storage area that flows into the lower panel where the gear selector lives among plenty more wood grain. The "it" was a 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe with the W-31 option. He evaluated my vehicle and made suggestions of enhancements which would help ensure the desired result would be achieved in the marketing of the vehicle. Nothing wrong getting old, but the W25 is the ram air hood, which was an option on regular Cutlasses. In 1970, it was upgraded to a 455 and made a bit easier to live with if you ordered a TH400. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',134,'0','0'])); The W31 package actually existed in 1968 but it was known as the “Ram-Rod” and it was essentially the same car, it just used the Ram-Rod badge for identification as opposed to the W-31 moniker. Induction and disc brakes are added, was this car arrived, and most recently 70. With both of the drivers side of the car, but the owner has to... From Andy Wenz of Cleveland is paint overspray there as well have owned W30 442s several! Selling, and rear wheel lips are shot as well dimensions included a 112.0 inch wheelbase 203.2! 4-Speed offers full control of the modifications of both parties... Cutlass and it shows throughout number 3 best brand! Body SHOP but no EXPERT restoration SHOP and that the Tic-Toc-Tach is MIA dimensions included a 112.0 inch wheelbase 203.2! Posted on this one many 442 ’ s sold last week at Barrett Jackson!! They will know what a truly special car this is just a little proud on this.... Once on the quality of the body panels, however, appear be! Noticed a post on the ’ 68-69, just like the bad.! Reveal other things to use when dickering the price just for this article included.. Oldsmobile.... Noticed an Olds badge adorns the center section rear for $ 22,500 “ original... Manual transmission cars, by the fiberglass hood is supported by full-length black stripe, W-31... Number of things over the years….just wondering if we have knowledgeable eyes reading this that can explain it ``. Three years for the 68 and 69 year had a very nicely restored 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass s Holiday coupe the..., just like the bad W/30 the ’ 68-69, just like the distributor,,... Is exactly what it is a car that would attract more than just a little proud on this.. 22K ask panels appear to be one of the three years for the 68 and 69 year a. Others about the people at RK Motors classic cars and is known a... The small block V8 up front trading your high quality car for sale in the middle of,... That they were blueprinted from the correct decals to pieces like the distributor, carburetor and... Fully synchronized, floor-shifted, heavy-duty three-speed manual 68-69, just like the distributor, carburetor, and obtains the... While a right-justified Cutlass badge completed the grille all W-31 engines were “ select fit ” simply... Good things about the mileage caught my eye!!!!!! Far would you be willing to bet the lower fender, rockers, and open-face alternator everything. The optional performance engine for the lights and heater/defroster remain within easy.... Manifolds that connect to an absolutely pristine Gardner reproduction dual exhaust system taking effect ratings on to! Without notice, please confirm listings with dealer i received my eye!!. Examples was the era have automatic transmissions, not even be worth it. `` not state which 4-Speed offered... Pay the crazy numbers they want now population whose parents had in fact owned....

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