woodpecker taste repellent paint additive

Is it clear coat. No this is not tintable, it comes in available colors. LOUD sounds typically distort avian auditory reception. Irri-Tape Bird Repellent Ribbon Holographic bird ribbon drives away birds Holographic bird ribbon drives away birds humanely. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info.

Could be something else there after, but they are there to eat something and its not the wood.

New members: Adding your location to your profile helps in many ways.--M--. They can infest the siding and still go largely unnoticed by humans.

If I painted a strip below the opening in the gutter would that deter woodpeckers from forcing acorns into my gutter system? We recommend that you check with your state's Department of Agriculture. Third reason might be storing food, depending on the species. If you are experiencing woodpeckers invading your structure and causing damage, this is a safe, environmentally-safe way to ward them away. "If BeakGuard comes in contact with your mouth, it has a terribly unpleasant taste so be careful with getting any of it inside your mouth. Can it be applied to EIFS without changing the color of the EIFS? Toll free: 855-741-3222, 3/4" Mesh Net Standard - Sparrows, Swallows, 3/4" Mesh Net Heavy Duty - Sparrows, Swallows, Bird spikes - Stainless steel & Polycarbonate, Bird Spike Kits - stainless steel & polycarbonate, Woodpecker Control Deterrent and Repellants. Woodpeckers have short legs with two sharp-clawed, backward-pointed toes and stiff tail feathers, which serve as a supportive prop. Woodpeckers peck holes in treated power poles.

This can be quite annoying for humans, especially in the early morning when trying to sleep. We work closely with The Humane Society of the United States as well as The Fund for Animals and other animal-rights organizations to promote humane bird control products, instead of poisons and razor-sharp bird control spikes. ft. It is meant to prevent them from being able to create holes in wood and siding of homes. Get all the latest information on Solutions products,deals, and events.

This product is intended to deter woodpeckers, this will not harm the woodpecker in any way, or any other birds for that matter. BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrent is manufactured by Bird-B-Gone and is a special paint that is made from an elastomeric acrylic and is applied to surfaces like standard latex paint to deter damaging woodpeckers. - with varied results. It works to protect against drilling by woodpeckers and other birds that peck on protected areas. View as: Wood peckers do not always attack a house because of insects---I read that they hear vibrations from inside of the house and start pecking. I guess you have never heard of a depredation permit. The holes are usually caused by 1 or 2 woodpeckers during the spring time mating season. can this product be used on dryvit (stucco type housing material)? Beakguard Woodpecker Deterrent is an Elastomeric acrylic paint meant to deter woodpeckers from an area where they are gathering. This product provides outstanding durability, long service life, is dirt-resistant, and waterproof.

We've been fighting off woodpeckers (from our cedar siding home) for years. Well, I haven't seen any insect evidence in that specific area of siding.

Have tried all the usual stuff - fake birds, shiny stuff, etc. BeakGuard should never be used on horizontal surfaces (exceptions – ceilings, soffits, etc.). 707 South Gulfstream Avenue #405, Sarasota, Florida 34236 Start typing your question and we'll check if it was already asked and answered. woodpecker damage.

Does it only come in certain colors?

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Bird net is extremely durable and can be installed in a semi-permanent configuration until woodpecker nesting behavior has been permanently modified. The Woodpecker Beakguard only comes in certain colors, BeakGuard is an elastomeric acrylic finish that applies to surfaces like standard latex paint, including wood, fiber-cement, stucco, aluminum or vinyl. We've been fighting off woodpeckers (from our cedar siding home) for years. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. How does Beakguard Woodpecker work? BeakGuard comes in four colors (Whetstone, Nova White, Portabello and Sand Stone) so you can choose the best color to go with your building. Not finding what you need or unsure of which product to use? [/, http://www.birdbarrier.com/item/sd-wp100/woodpecker-paint-stain-additive-4oz/, http://www.paintingwallpaperinghagerstown.com/, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This compound immediately communicates a warning signal to woodpeckers, prompting them to find a more desirable location. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. Call us at 855-741-3222 or e-mail us with your questions. Apply on exterior surfaces including wood, fiber-cement, stucco, aluminum or vinyl. But the darn peckers keep coming back. Although.... we basically live in the woods, so we see a constant array of flying pests - muddaubbers, yellow jackets, bald-faced hornets, marmorated stink bugs, box elders, etc. To use BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrant, you will need a brush, roller, paint pad, or appropriate spray equipment to apply to your target surfaces. $181.82. It might be easier to call us or email after placing the order so we can assist you with the correct color selection. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Irri-Tape bothers all of a bird's senses.

Use Bird-Gard Pro #1 to repel pigeons, starlings, sparrows, seagulls, and woodpeckers. The most effective Woodpecker control deterrent  is 3/4” StealthNet bird netting on homes and businesses. Use woodpecker repellant on and around problem areas. Price From: They do this to establish territories and to attract or signal mates. I've seen it happen with carpenter bees. Color: Nova White. The ingredients in BeakGuard are found in many other consumer products in the market such as nail-biting and thumb-sucking deterrents for children. BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrant can be used to reduce damage on both new and old buildings. Woodpecker Taste Deterrents and Repellants. Need help on a bid or just figuring out how much product you need for your job? building a deck and was wondering if i can apply this product (Beakguard) to the upright posts? Some members of the Woodpecker family (Flickers) feed on insects off the ground, while others prefer native berries, fruit and nuts.

BeakGuard is safe to use and will not harm woodpeckers or any other bird species. It is an environmentally friendly solution that can be applied to any surface for woodpecker control. Can it be applied straight over semi gloss paint exterior? Can it be applied to cedar shaker shingles?

I doubt they like the taste of stained cedar that well. As a visual scare, birds are scared by the … But the darn peckers keep coming … BEST ANSWER: The Woodpecker Beakguard only comes in certain colors, BeakGuard is an elastomeric acrylic finish that applies to surfaces like standard latex paint, including wood, fiber-cement, stucco, … Sign up for our newsletter today! There are over 2000 species of woodpeckers, ranging from woodpeckers 7 to 15 inches in length, and usually with brightly contrasting coloration. One gallon of the product can cover approximately 180 sq. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrant can last one year, if protected from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures. A similar paint additive can be mixed in with paint for situations where the woodpeckers are causing problems for your house or outbuildings. Use the BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrent when you have noticed woodpecker damage or have seen woodpecker activity on your managed structure. © 2001 - 2014 BirdFighter.com • Established in 1985 They are eating some kind of insect that lives in your siding. If it does happen to get in your mouth, Chocolate is the suggested option to reduce the nasty taste. BeakGuard is a vertical wall coating. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Hives get attached under the gutters occasionally - we knock 'em off. - with varied results. BeakGuard prompts a warning signal to woodpeckers with its extremely unpleasant taste and texture when they land upon the area where it has been applied, making the area undesirable to them so they move to a different location. The carpenter bee larva are nice plump little grubs, well worth it to them to keep coming back. Only two reasons they would be coming back. It's never-ending in the warm weather months (we're in Michigan). JavaScript is disabled. The woodpecker paint and stain additive is an environmentally safe, non-toxic, taste repellent that is a natural and humane woodpecker deterrent. Grid  This product is a non-reverting, non-oxidizing, non-toxic additive that contains a natural smell & taste deterrent. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. Email us the measurements and we’ll let you know how much product and which attachments to use. Is this product guaranteed to repel woodpeckers from creating holes in decorative crown molding(foam)?

It works to protect against drilling by woodpeckers and … Most male woodpeckers have some red on the head and many species have black and white marks. A programmable electronic repeller that uses a variety of species specific distress signals and predator calls to send a "danger" alert to other birds in the area. and 11 answers. We offer long lasting guarantees on our structural bird products like bird net, bird spike and more. ", BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrent MSDS (160.10 KB), BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrent Spec Sheet (201.67 KB), Browse 15 questions Beakguard offers outstanding durability, extended service life, maximum dirt pick-up resistance and weather-ability in a vapor permeable, flexible membrane with exceptional color retention.

I have a Leaf Gard gutter system. Woodpeckers can also cause significant damage to the sides of buildings, telephone poles, eaves, fences, etc., by pecking holes into the surface.

Various woodpecker species distress + red-tail, goshawk sounds occur intermittently throughout the 35 minute CD. This is used to repel them when the wood peckers are trying to peck or drill into wood, so no I do not believe it will work in this type of situation.

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Have tried all the usual stuff - fake birds, shiny stuff, etc.

Birdbusters is a proponent of environmentally-friendly and humane bird control products.

Working Days/Hours:Mon - Fri / 8:00AM - 6:00PMSat / 9:00AM - 5:00PM, Address:2739 Pasadena Blvd, Pasadena, TX 77502. Woodpecker Deterrrent Paint and Stain Additive 1 3 oz bottle, Woodpecker Decoy Effigy - Life-Like Woodpecker Deterrent, Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - includes Smell & Optical Deterrents, Birds-Away Attack Spider woodpecker control, Holographic Owl Bird Deterrent with Swivel Bracket, Easy-to-install as well as professional level options.

Woodpeckers like to peck on homes and wood siding causing damage to houses and businesses. Wear gloves for protection when applying to surfaces and wash hands thoroughly after use. Holes left by one woodpecker … Once you have chased off the woodpecker or while you are managing the problem, make sure to seal up and repaint any remaining holes. Best defense against the acorn woodpecker is an accurate pellet gun.

Experiment at low volume and adjust as necessary. Check the product pages for more details.

List, Call us at 855-741-3222 or e-mail us with your questions.

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